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Luxurious look of buildings designed by Luxury Antonovich Design Studio, consists of thousands important points. Starting from design ideas, continuing to precision of engineering drawings and to a full implementation of a project. Designers, architects, engineers, artists and other professionals of the highest class work at each stage of a villa architectural design.

Architectural design by  Antonovich Design is a multifaceted work, including the following stages:

  • Unique idea development
  • Sketches drawing, several options
  • Based on approved sketches we create all drawings for a start of construction works
  • Layout and landscape design development.
  • The total cost estimate of all materials, furniture and decoration
  • Supervision of an implementation process.

Landscape architecture becomes a beautiful frame of a building. In this part of a project we work on greenery and ponds, sculptures and small architectural forms. In this project, the layout design has got luxurious and elegant moments in classic style with accents of oriental style. The architects Dubai paid a special attention to the small architectural forms, such as pergolas, terraces and open areas for outdoor recreation with a soft furniture. A real highlight of each  luxury villa project is a entrance gate. It's a real masterpiece of design and architecture.


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