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Modern landscaping ideas


Modern landscape design offers an uncluttered and clean appeal that is perfect for modern homes today. It is defined by having a great fit for a property which has a refreshing architectural structure with a touch of traditional elements. Designing a mother landscape plan needs effort and planning that should be executed b professionals which is one of the Luxury Antonovich Design company's expertise. Mother landscaping features patios, planters, with different accent pieces. The look is very earthy with the different landscaping elements. The nicest thing about landscaping is that it is still easy to maintain. The mother in architecture structures for landscaping design consists more of symmetrical plants and even potted plants that creates a nice throw in the front yard. Wondering landscape design is very trendy in warm places because it creates a nice outdoor façade that adds value to your home. Though there are many different mother and landscaping styles the most common look is the clean-edgedPatio design that makes the walkway look more well-maintained and less cluttered. The flowering plants also create a nice vibrant look which makes your landscape design more attractive with different hues. Here are some ideas of how we execute the landscaping of modern homes.

  • Walkways: if you want a very elegant walkway then we suggest that we use stone materials which creates a more sophisticated look for your pathway or walkway. Our professionals use Real stones which add quality does the hardscape of your landscape design. We make sure to choose the right stone that will be properly installed so that it adds A clean and formal look to your walkway.
  • Materials: different usage of materials is one of our company's best interest. Our architects Make sure to use custom materials and elements to make sure that your landscape looks more striking and personalize. The custom design of the planters the gate and even the patio, create a more integrated look which makes your patio and landscaping unique and different from others.
  • Geometric shapes: most of our designs that are modern have more of the geometric shapes which creates a more streamlined look. It also creates a grand look to your front yard or even backyard. Plants are more most likely to be placed and designed in the more geometric look. This is a great rule to follow because it stages the arrangement of your landscaping. 
  • Focal point: it is not really necessary to have a focal point designed to your landscaping. However, our professional designers believe that there should be something more pleasant to look at in your landscaping that draws attention to it. 


Having a strategy for your garden and landscape should be done by professionals to create a well-manicured look for your front yard. We are here to help you create a beautiful frame for the interior of your home and even exterior design. We make sure that your landscape design complements the natural look and the theme of your entire home design. If you're looking for a company that will help you achieve the modern landscaping design then you should consider the amount of work and effort that our professionals invest in to make sure that your landscape design and surrounding is well-maintained and well modified. We will make sure to help you in every step of the way in achieving your homes landscape and exterior design.

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