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Marvelous landscaping


The landscape is a part of every outdoor and exterior design having a well thought off space or landscape makes an impression that your home is well designed. The Luxury Antonovich Design has developed a massive amount of landscapes. Whether it's for private homes, restaurants, and even hotels. They have done a lot of projects and they are the most trusted in the industry. This marvelous landscape is not only pleasing to the eyes with its amazing aesthetics but it is also functional. It adds a harmonizing space to your home which is perfect for recreational use. Our professional architects and designers have different styles when it comes to landscaping. Our clients can choose from trendy to classic, to modern. The Luxury Antonovich Design team is ready to take on any challenge for their clients. Here are some of the key features of the company's luxurious landscape planning. 

  • A fair amount of concrete to serve as driving and parking space for the homeowners and guests. 
  • Elegant lighting which helps illuminate the landscape, especially at night. We make sure to add some decorative lightings that will complement the outdoor aesthetic of the landscape. 
  • Natural forms which add life to the surroundings – flowers, ridges, and even pergolas are considered to add the beauty of naturalness to landscaping. 
  • Fountains, pools, and other forms of water that flow energy into the home and the landscape itself. It adds depth and life to the whole creative design which is perfect for your dream luxurious outdoor. 


As you can see in the design above the aesthetics is very well coordinated. From the base paint to the classic marble floors which exudes elegance in every form. The terrace is used as a barbecue area and also serves as an outdoor sitting room. The pool also adds an amazingly relaxing and tranquil vibe that is perfect for family gatherings or even pool parties. This practical yet elegant gardening makes the perfect territory for our clients. The comfortable qualities of this landscape can bring out the best in you because it makes you feel calm and at peace. The water attraction adds a positive vibe and feeling to the house making it look more lively and extraordinary. Luxury Antonovich Design only aims to give the best and perfect exterior landscape through their love for art and creativity. Their professionalism is outstanding and has been recognized all over the world. If you want to have an amazing exterior landscaping design do not hesitate to contact us. We'll help you achieve your dream outdoor space. 

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