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Luxury landscaping

Why is landscape needed?

I know, it might be hard to maintain a landscape design, but it is one of the parts of a home that needs more focus than ever. The Luxury Antonovich DEsign firm takes pride in their landscape creations. Our designers believe that you should also stay outdoors and enjoy the art view of your backyard. Our professionals will make sure that your design is one of a kind and that it will improve your lifestyle aesthetics. 

The Value it brings

Often times clients look for a great balance in their homes. Adding greeneries to your home is essential to add an absorber for all the negative air that is circulation your home. This model above is a well thought off design by the firm. It is not just a landscape but it has become a sanctuary where homeowners can take rest especially on weekends where you just want to relax. It beautifies the area and it allows the property to look luxurious with just a simple gesture. 

Live in a clean and green area

Landscaping is very important as it will contribute to the zen in your life. It is aesthetically pleasing with cultural values and it enhances the way of life. It encompasses your life with a beautiful sight. In the model below there is a mini lake that adds a touch of water into the house which allows energy to flow. These are essentials to your house design which creates the construction appealing and adds a positive vibe to your life. It will help you with your home productivity and the implementation of the landscaping provides a nice view for your everyday living. 

Lounge around

Bringing indoors outside, our daily lives have been consumed indoors that we forget how to live outside. This landscaping model is perfect for hosting family gatherings and dinner outdoors. It makes a soft and elegant seating arrangement that will stretch out up to your guests. When designing this outdoor lounge the furniture to be used should be high quality that can last long to any season. Adding water and heat sources creates a dramatic space that all of you can enjoy in all the seasons. The little pergola style is for the guests to feel comfortable even in the middle of the heat in a warm and sunny day and can stand the cool rainy season as well. This outdoor landscaping lounge also has an outdoor seating with different textures and pattern to create a perfect balance to space. 

Our best designers and architects are always here to help with your landscaping need. MAke your lifestyle a priority and live your life to the fullest. 

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