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Gorgeous landscape planning


The owners of country houses are trying their best in arranging the territory adjacent to it. In the process of arranging the land is filled with new plants, sculptures and various decorative elements. It is very important for Luxury Antonovich Design Company to competently approach the selection of the style of the future landscape design so the garden could fully respond to the mood and character of its owners.

Traditional style of landscape design is considered to be classic style. Due to the preservation of geometry in the process of planning with the observance of a clear symmetry of all elements. It is important to be able to add color to the garden with individual strokes. Exotic garden is, of course, a riot of colors, shapes, as well as fancy accessories and unusual combinations. Creating a paradise of this kind, we adhere to the basic principles of architectural modernism.


Landscape design today differs by its expressiveness and simplicity. The harmonious combination of shapes, colors and materials allows our team of designers from Luxury Antonovich Design to create amazing garden architecture in noble shades. Restrained tones, straight lines, right angles, repeating the outlines of the house — these are the basics of creating patios and comfort zones in landscape design.

Such a recreation area as a patio has become popular among owners of country houses for a long time. However, reproducing this romantic element of the Mediterranean style in your garden, you need to take into account not only the specifics of its location, but also the landscape design of the land. For the construction of patio in the garden designers of Luxury Anronovich Design advised to choose the south side. In addition, the terrain should be relatively flat. Since the invariable base of such a courtyard is a flat platform, which is covered with natural stone, gravel or paving slabs.

An integrated and systematic approach to landscape design of Luxury Antonovich Design includes visual design, breakdown of tracks, organization of an irrigation system, arrangement of flower beds, lawns, various landscape compositions, artificial ponds, waterfalls and much more. Our company has extensive experience in providing a wide range of landscape services:

— landscape design;

— gardening, arrangement of flower beds, rockeries, rock gardens, Japanese gardens, alpine slides;

— laying of the roll and the creation of seed grass;

— development and implementation of small landscape architectural forms (gazebos, pergolas, bridges);

— creation of artificial reservoirs of any complexity;

— drip and automatic watering;

— breakdown of garden paths and the organization of lighting;

— strengthening the coast;

— services for the care of the object of delivery of works.

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