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As the top Architecture and Interior Design Company in The Middle East, USA and all over the World, Luxury Antonovich Design is considered as not only the best providers of exceptional work of art through every project, The Creative Team is also allowing our Clients to share their points and instruct us for their requirements to be able to make them feel that they are hands-on and fully related to every detail of their own Home. We have come up with this very brilliant idea since that we all wants our own place to naturally be reflected in our lifestyle. This wonderful idea will be resulting in a very convenient and fulfilling experience to the owner as every time they come home, they will feel that they really own the place as they can see their personality in every area of their home. We also believe that to achieve the very unique Architecture Design of every home, is when we allow the client to creatively design on their own. 


This one of a kind Home Architecture has a modern style concept. You will notice that this design is extremely distinctive as we have given the owner the chance to enhance and bring out the natural creativity. Our team has been successfully happy with the result as we have carefully guided and coaches the owner for the major requirements and development. The elevation of this House has been properly arranged and aligned, Since that, almost all the materials that have been used on this project is customized, the final finishing results to a very unique work of art. From the Main Door/ Entrance area of the house, you will immediately notice how fascinating the design has been done as it looks like a very huge main door as we have put up a detailed carving of decorative materials which is the same scheme of the door. Surrounding this design was a premium quality of glass which is exactly the same material that we have used for the windows and other decorative glass all over the house. Until the roof scheme, you will see the talent and creativity as we have mixed up Concrete stone and hardwood materials. We have chosen to display natural local plants and trees in very stylish pots and jars and colorful flowers. An outdoor sitting area has been arranged with a complete setup of cooking/ Grilling area and a sink. On the other part of the house, is a very luxurious design of the swimming pool with a manmade waterfall. A very relaxing sun batting area has been arranged next to the pool area. A high quality of Marble design with a white and gold lining has been used surrounding the pool area. On the aerial view of the house, you will see how amazing this House design has been completed. 


After a very long day of Work, Activities and individual lifestyle, all of us always wanted to be relaxed and rest in our perfect Comfort zone where we can always claim that it is our own place. This idea comes up to our minds to allow every client to bring out their natural creativity and design their own Architectural Home. Luxury Antonovich Design Helps every Client to make their Dream Come true. 

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