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The design of the kitchen in the cottage is made in a modern style with bright accents the style of minimalism.Modern kitchens are becoming more comfortable and more technological.A significant part of kitchen design is engineering developments as kitchen appliances, storage systems, and lighting. And all these technological moments are exquisitely veiled behind beautiful furniture and other elements of decor.A quite large space, which is allocated for this interior according to the design project of the house, allowed to design the kitchen and dining room with maximum functionality and maximum convenience. The best kitchens of the world, designed by Antonovich Design specialists, are always impressive with their unique charm in any style. This interior is dominated by a pastel range of beige shades. The facades of kitchen furniture are painted with a glossy cream-colored paint, which stylishly contrasting with the facades of dark brown wood. For floor design, designers offered practical and noble marble. The combination of light and brown marble has become an exquisite way of zoning the kitchen interior space.Also, natural marble has become the basis of the decor of all working surfaces. The design of kitchen in the house always continues its overall design concept.Large windows have become an advantage of this project.The room gets sufficient amount of daylight, it was taken into account when designing the lighting. The windows were decorated with beautiful curtains in the style of minimalism made from one-color silk, which in color coincides with the glossy facades of furniture. Ideas for kitchen design are always developed taking into account taste preferences and habits of our customers. The kitchen design, the images of the exact visualization of which you can see on our website, will eventually become the reality of our new implemented project.


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