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Hotel Design Interior Dubai

Hotels design by Studio Luxury Antonovich Design emphasizes the respectability of the hotel and its concept. This renovated hotel project in Dubai has a particularly festive mood. Luxurious place at the first moments of your stay sets to a sublime feeling that everything here is top notch. The spacious lobby is filled with spectacular decor items. Respectable image of the composition combines a luxurious reception, hall, and staircase in the portal, which is open to the entire height of the building. Interior Designers Dubai offered a range of cool light shades. In the bright and sunny country, such range is of particular importance. Getting inside the hotel, you feel that there is a fresh and beautiful oasis. A glitter of the luxury interior is provided with a variety of chandeliers with crystal pendants waterfalls. Each chandelier is delineated with lines of blue backlight that makes it particularly expressive on the white surface of the ceiling. To enhance the luxury glow of hotel interiors, designers have added a set of point ceiling crystal chandeliers. The highlight of the interior became graceful columns which are decorated with textured plaster with large stylized roses of white pearl shades. On the bright surface of the marble floors, carved patterns of dark brown marble look elegant. The hotel design combines contemporary style and Art Deco. Bright wall decor, plenty of mirrors and precious materials form an excellent picture of the luxurious interior of the five-star hotel in Dubai.

Design hotels by Antonovich Design Studio are the creation of fashionable design, which corresponds to the spirit of the time, modern technology, and fashion trends. Hotel lobby design will delight with a festive mood, and the hotel room design will give each guest a feeling of home comfort.

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