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To use marble as a floor covering was invented in ancient times and not at all in vain. The characteristics of marble as a fit-out material convincingly prove its superiority over other building materials, both habitual and modern.

A beautiful natural stone floor is able to transform beyond recognition the interior and style of any room by the mere fact of its presence. This valuable in every respect element of the decoration of the house requires a special, professional approach in order to convey in its entirety the luxury and beauty of the palace aesthetics in quite modern rooms.


Marble floor is not only a way to keep your interior always fashionable. Marble gives freedom from the regular hassles associated with the new repair. Marble is a durable and strong material. It is characterized by high coefficients of abrasion, strength, resistance to damage and exposure to chemicals. Marble floor by Luxury Antonovich Design is a guarantee of quality and confidence in cleanliness. After all, most of the pollutants trapped on marble, do not get into the thickness of the material. Everything will remain on the surface, from where dirt is easy to remove. Having decided once to give preference to marble as a floor fit-out, you provide yourself with a perfect interior for many years. Even those parts of the floor that can lose their original brilliance in decades can be easily and painlessly restored. Marble is easy to restore directly on the spot, without removing the material from the floor or removing it from the room.

Luxury Antonovich Design marble floor can be laid out with marble slabs or marble tiles. The floor tile is usually presented in two sizes 60 by 60 cm or 30 by 60 cm. The larger the size of the marble tile, the less there will be joints on the floor. The fewer the joints, the more protected surface of the marble floor will be. On the other hand, the larger the tile or slab, the more laborious the work. Small size marble tiles are also used for laying on the floor. Small tiles from Luxury Antonovich Design are used to zoning a room or to create a mosaic pattern on the floor.

Marble is very rich in various colors and shades, which allows you to successfully combine different types of marble when facing surfaces. The intricacies of patterns on the surface of marble can create unique patterns that are without doubt unique. Marble floors decorated with a similar mosaic will not only have excellent performance characteristics, but will also have considerable artistic value.

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