Beautiful Facade of a Luxury Villa

The first impression, which is made up of contemplation on the facade of a luxury villa in Dubai, fulfilled sense of aesthetic pleasure. The magnificent image of the villa exterior subtly alludes to the fact that the interior is no less luxurious and beautiful. Artfully combining colors, textures, materials, decorations and methods of lighting, interior designers Dubai create unique beauty and expressiveness of images, never happen again. And the villa exterior design features are also sumptuous and solemn as its interior. The entrance portal is decorated with precious marble staircase of pleasant brown. Pleasant sandy shade of facade material adjusts to the warm and cozy feelings. The villa exterior design corresponds to the canons of modern classics. The entrance is framed by two columns with refined capitals and trunks. Columns visually keep a small balcony with a classical balustrade. Panels under the windows are decorated with luxury bas-reliefs. Each element of the decor, each architectural method becomes the basis of a solid image of a luxury villa. The villa exterior design takes into account all the wishes of the owners of the house and their love for the time spent outdoors. The house project includes several outdoor terraces, and also a separate building with a large terrace. The villa exterior design takes into account the particular configuration of the roof. Inclined roof is covered with tiles of brown color, which perfectly fits into the overall picture and make the house image complete.


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