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Beautiful exterior design


There are thousands of articles and posts about interior designs ideas. But what about exterior? Is it less important? The answer is — no! Luxury Antonovich Design Company always pays great attention to the overall picture and attaches big importance to the exterior design of every house project. This amazing contemporary industrial house project by Luxury Antonovich Design team of designers and visualizer can show you for 100% what does it mean to have a house with modern-looking facade. For this house exterior design decoration we have selected the most high-qulity building materials and used new and emerging technologies. In this project we put in place effective mechanisms and structures, used the combination of modern materials — glass (tinted glass windows) and concrete, varnished timber and natural stone — dense granite. Flowing water of fountains, exquisite marble elements, warm colors of herbs and wood — all together they merge to create a unique, noble atmosphere.


Luxury Antonovich Design provides such services in creation a house exterior design:

1. Schematic (conceptual) design:

— quantity surveying drawings;

— schematic and conceptual design proposal, based on client's requirements;

— facade elevations;

— 3D visualization of the object (several angles)

2.  Architectural project-design:

— measurement drawings;

— facade drawings;

— development of architectural elements and lay-out;

— specification of finishing materials;

— 3D visualization of the whole object.


The facade of every house it is its architectural outfit. Minimalism and industrialization are the main features of modern houses. Clear forms, simplicity and brevity — the basic concept of modern buildings. In this project designers of Luxury Antonovich design decided to use big windows and panoramic ensembles and to open the view for front and backyard space. Terraces and patio space play a significant role in creation a comfortable, cozy and welcoming atmosphere. It is very important the real professional in creating a perfect exterior and landscape design with the good skills, extensive experience and ability to grant your wishes.

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