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Luxury interior best designer ideas


The interior is a reflection of our ego, our mood and emotions. The pleasant atmosphere in the house pleases the eye and can significantly improve the overall atmosphere, add comfort. Luxury today is the highest quality combined with intelligence and a manifestation of individuality. Therefore, the role of art and gallery design is so great in the interior. Their purpose is to encourage you to express yourself, to show your taste and movement of thought.

The exclusive design of the living space from Luxury Antonovich Design is one of the ways to demonstrate your bright personality and good taste, to emphasize the lifestyle and philosophy. So it is not surprising that the demand for luxurious interiors in Dubai has been actively growing in recent years.

Today, the interior design in luxurious style is considered one of the most expensive: for sophisticated fit-out and decoration only exclusive materials are used, and every detail claims at least the title of an object of high art. Marble, rosewood, exotic sikamora, Murano glass, embossed leather, brass — these are integral design elements of the interior, decorated in luxurious style by Luxury Antonovich Design. This project of luxurious interior is interesting first of all with a verified combination of textures.


The most popular trend in classic and modern interior is furniture designed with combination of solid materials. The most respected, as well as new and properly oriented factories create furniture that combines metal (copper and brass are now the most popular), marble and wood. And, design, of course, plays its part. But you must admit, at one glance at such project by Luxury Antonovich Design you understand — this is an attribute of luxurious interior.

The most luxurious rooms are characterized by unusual eclectic interiors, in which eco, loft, antique or oriental styles can be mixed. For this reason, in each thoughtful interior we make the appropriate items: more beautiful or technologically advanced — the solution follows you and the image of the room. The principle of the golden mean remains relevant as before. To the best of sophistication and technology, good finishing materials and stylish furniture are components that you have to think about more than once, but they decide how luxurious and competent the interior will be.

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