• the exchange tower 501 -floor 5
    Business bay, Dubai
From project design to actual implementation | furniture manufacturing and fitting selection with delivery | consalting emaar approval

Stylish Dressing Interior

Bright and stylish dressing room interior emphasizes taste of great apartment owners. Their subtle sense of style and understanding of fine interior designers Dubai skillfully moved to the luxurious apartment interior. For the dressing room interior in the apartment quite large space with a large window has been allocated. Window decorated with luxurious silk curtains of the softest velvet of purple hue. Interior Design Dubai has a bright character with cozy accents. The floor of the dressing room interior of wood valuable species with special impregnation support the mood of warmth of home comfort. The ceiling is decorated with luxurious chandeliers and elegant stucco. For storage of small accessories and jewelery interior designers Dubai offered a very comfortable option in the form of an island design with a variety of boxes and a showcase for jewelry.

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