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Stylish Hallway Design — Fit-Out Without Problems


Hallway is a connecting element between the entrance and residential areas. In a private house, this room is usually quite spacious, may include a staircase or elevator to the second floor. The owners can make the design of the hall independent, or continue the style of other rooms in it. A successful interior solution will be the key to creating a positive impression for guests who visit the house for the first time.

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To develop a stylish, practical design of entrance hall in the house is not so simple. The space of this zone should be as ergonomic as possible, aesthetically designed and well-lit. In most cases, in the entrance area there is a place for built-in cabinet furniture, as well as for a console with a pair of poufs. There should not be a lot of furniture — the main focus is on design, because the entrance area is the hallmark of any home.

The entrance hall most often plays the role of a connecting interior element. It has an elevator or staircase, doors to living rooms. There should be little furniture in this room. Creating the design of the hall, Luxury Antonovich Design experts advise you to pay attention to five main tasks — finishing the floor, ceiling, walls, selecting furniture, arranging lighting, and choosing a decor.


The choice of flooring, decor of walls, ceilings, corresponds with the concept of architectural style, which must correspond to the elements of hall interior. If this is classic, then the flooring, and the decoration of the walls and ceiling should be in this architectural key. For a different style, all trim components should also be interconnected.

The main entrance hall by Luxury Antonovich Design with marble floors, a crystal chandelier and a comfortable soft sofa is the entrance area of the house, where classic reigns. The design of the halls in a private house is often complemented by an elegant console — an integral attribute of a stylish interior. Its delicate silhouette against the backdrop of monochrome walls creates a graphic composition. If the entrance hall is part of a long corridor, then the design of the hall in the house and hallway should be in the same style.

For owners of small spaces, Luxury Antonovich Design designers recommend increasing parameters due to elegant mirrors that can be installed on a cabinet or separately. In the hall, you can also put as a decor an exotic plant that will harmoniously combine with the general style of the interior. Properly selected decoration elements will give a certain style that meets the interests of the owners.

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