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Striking Marble Fireplace: Mantels And Design


Fireplaces in interior are often considered exclusively as a luxury item. But our designers remind our customers that this is also a perfect way to make your house warm and cozy. Fireplace inevitably attracts attention and serves as a central element in interior design. There are several types of fireplaces, and such classification is usually based on their design and on the materials from which the fireplaces are made.

Katrina Antonovich Presents Marble Fireplace Design

Marble fireplaces are considered not only a source of heat, but also an unusual accent element of interior composition. With its help, the room can be made modern or medieval, bright or classic, conceptual or simply unusual.

Luxury Antonovich Design is a company that offers its customers high-quality marble fireplaces according to an individual project. The designer will answer all questions, and will gladly help you to choose the perfect color and texture. Our site also has a catalog of marble, thanks to which you can choose the option that you like. Marble fireplace can be made in any color you will like — in white, beige, gray, yellow, red, brown, pink, green and black. Moreover, the peculiarity of this stone is that it is not completely monophonic. Thin veins run across the entire surface, creating an unusual and original pattern.


By installing a marble fireplace in the living room, designers of Luxury Antonovich Design strive to give this room a more respectable look and create a favorable atmosphere of warmth and comfort. The fireplace has long lost its role as a means of heating the room, and has a more aesthetic purpose. Today it is a place where you can gather with the whole family, chat or be alone with your thoughts watching the enchanting glare of flames. This property of the fireplace should be taken into account when zoning the room where the fireplace group is located.

Fireplace facade decoration can be done by follows:

  • Tile with a smooth texture. This element is considered to be an integral part, because the fireplace, created only from sculptures and decorative elements, does not look organic.
  • Direct finish. The name speaks for itself and implies a direct overlap of the furnace.
  • Stone carving. This is an ornament or pattern that is cut out on the surface of marble from the facade. Work can be done manually, or using modern appliances.
  • Columns. By this element is meant the design of the portal by various elements of architecture: half columns, arches, friezes.
  • Sculptural parts. A favorite option of fireplace facing by Luxury Antonovich Design, in which bas-reliefs or figurines are placed on the fireplace. They rightfully deserve the title of the most beautiful elements, but very difficult to implement.

Marble portals for fireplaces are an excellent option for creating a home and comfort. Our fireplace products are distinguished by their strength and durability, and with proper care they will serve the owners for more than a dozen years.

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