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Marble: Classiest Material for Home Interiors


Since ancient times, natural marble stone was used by men for various purposes: facing palaces, temples, as well as for floor decoration. Today, the use of such natural stone for walls and decor is in trend, because the marble for interior decoration has unique performance and noble appearance, for which it is still appreciated.

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Marble walls or floors in apartment, house, office or public buildings are particularly popular. This high-quality material is chosen for natural beauty, practicality and durability. Marble creates a luxurious, elegant design. Decorative interior fit-out of marble from Luxury Antonovich Design is carried out by tiles or slabs, depending on the wishes of the customer. Coatings differ in texture, decorative qualities.

There are various features that unites them — ecological purity, reliability, practicality, long service life. You can buy marble for finishing walls, floor or facade fit-out in our Luxury Antonovich Design Company in any volumes and different colors. In our production there is a natural stone of white, gray, pink, green, black color, interspersed with various shades in more than 300 names. You can make your choice of more than 300,000 square meters of natural stone. At your service there are experienced professionals and the most modern equipment to create a real marble masterpiece. Full marble decoration of a house or apartment does not take much time if truly professional Luxury Antonovich Design Company specialists take up the work. We offer “turnkey” decoration of living rooms, bathrooms, hallways and other rooms of any size.


Marble finishing and fit-out works by Luxury Antonovich Design is carried out with the help of several varieties:

Tile. As a rule, marble tiles come in sizes 30 × 30 cm, 40×. Larger samples with parameters 60 × 60 cm, 30 × 60, and small-format ones — 20 × 20 are also found. Thickness ranges from 1-3 cm.

Slabs. Such a plate has a rather bulky size — 300 × 200 with a thickness of 2-3 cm. Its advantage is that the surface is almost seamless due to the minimum joining seams.

Mosaic panel, which is a finished composition with a pattern already designed. Its sizes are various. Wall — ideal for such a finish.

However, Luxury Antonovich Design is engaged in the production of not only marble tiles or slabs, but also more complex types of decor — overhead elements for framing a fireplace portal, shelves, cornices and overhead columns.

Marble fit-out in color is selected in accordance with the overall interior or architectural concept. Material of different shades gives interesting visual effects. So, light polished stone visually expands the space. When external facing it gives the building elegance and lightness. Dark marble with pronounced colored patches looks respectable. It creates a special atmosphere in the interior. The outer dark marble makes the structure monumental. The choice of a type and color of a stone for facing directly depends on features of the design project.

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