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Children's Rooms Design Dubai

Apartment Design in Dubai from the studio Luxury Antonovich Designed is in the style of modern classics. Cozy and comfortable luxury apartment has become an oasis for every member of a large and happy family. Interior Design Dubai from our studio takes into account the trends of modern technology, especially the nature of our customers and fashion trends. Children's room Interior design clearly reflects the essence of the character of the young owner of the apartment. Her tenderness, grace and sophistication delicately repeats magnificent children's room interior. As the basis of the author's project interior designers Dubai took a combination of cream and pale shades of light green. The window is decorated with charming roman blinds. Translucent tulle of sweet milky hue is combined with curtains of noble silk in a light green colors. The walls are decorated with cream-colored wallpaper patterned with delicate flowers and petals. Snow-white expanse of the ceiling is underlined with soft lighting and elegant chandelier with violet shades and crystal pendants. Bright shades of decoration of walls, floors and furniture visually expand the space in the cozy children's room. Furniture is inlaid with carved decoration and handmade furniture complemented by exquisite rosebuds. Children's room interior design adjusts to the pleasant feeling of warmth and tenderness. Spring notes and soft features have become the basis for a bright and individual interior image. The light wooden floor and a soft carpet blend well into the interior. The interior design combines charm, excellent ergonomics and functionality.


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