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3D Visualization Bedroom

3D visualization of projects from Luxury Antonovich Design Studio allows you to dive literally into the luxurious ambience of the interior and in detail to consider each area. Bedroom design is all about seductive and romantic mood. Luxury Interior Design Dubai from our studio assumes only exclusive solutions for each project. Your interior will be unique as you are unique. The cozy bedroom is made in the style of Art Deco. Interior literally envelops the warmth and tenderness of a large bed decorated with upholstered headboard, which extends almost the entire width of the wall. The headboard is upholstered in noble velvet of pale beige hue. Elegant hint of gentility and respectability became forged monogram on the head, which is covered with gold leaf. The interior is full of exquisite decor elements. The designers skillfully use modern technology to create exclusive interiors of beauty. In this project, interior designers Dubai offered internally illuminated bed. The soft glow creates a wonderful illusion of floating bed in the air. Warm mood is emphasized with natural wood floors and big fluffy cream-colored carpet. Interior Designers Dubai elegantly emphasize interior features. A large window is decorated with curtains of silk of milk chocolate shade. Along the narrow window soft pouf extends with charming cushions embroidered with rhinestones. Gloss enhances the luxurious interior with large elegant chandelier and a lot of spotlights.

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