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Luxury Bathroom Interior Abu Dhabi

Bathroom interior design of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design goes beyond the ordinary. Interior designers Dubai for luxury apartment offered a bathroom design, which has become a real spa area. Spacious room with a small window made it possible to accommodate harmoniously both large bathroom and a separate zone of a small sauna. Bathroom interior design is special with its elegant and stylish character. The bath at the window is decorated with mosaic tiles. It is framed by two graceful columns with gilded capitals. A small window is decorated with charming curtains of translucent silk of pale blue hue with special impregnation. The highlight of the bathroom interior became wall decor. One of the walls is decorated with a luxurious mosaic panel with floral motifs. Another fragment of the wall is decorated with natural stone in blue hue. The luxury bathroom interior image is complemented with carved and gilded mirror frames and furniture inlaid with carved decor. Bathroom interior design Dubai has a romantic character.

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