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A cozy and luxurious apartment with extreme modern style has become the demand of all home owners. Dubai interior designers were challenged to create a cozy, yet luxurious interior project with extraordinary character. This Interior design project in Dubai offers elegant improvisation. 

Within these guidelines wonderful traditions, innovative ideas, noble materials and the subtleties of modern technology intertwined. The living room design has a very cozy and concise character. To create a wonderful feeling of warmth and home comfort, warm colors and soft tones of wood were implemented into the interiors. This element and the walls decoration of marble contrasts elegantly. In one of the walls marble decor surrounds a contemporary fireplace, and an iconic ceiling design where the lights and tape of LED backlight are placed. 

Stylish black accents become fixtures in the dining area. Each room in the apartment has its own vivid character. The bedroom interior design differs with softness, tenderness and warmth, the large comfortable bed with a high headboard is a single piece of pure luxury. Soft wall panels made of deluxe velvet is in perfect harmony with the decoration of the bed and window display. Velvet and silk in delicate pastel shades fill the interior with an especially gentle and cozy mood. 

Apartment design in Dubai has become a wonderful reflection of a cozy oasis in the city.

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