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Dubai Burj Khalifa - VIP Office

This is the bright and colorful decoration of apartments from Luxury Antonovich Design, which was developed and implemented by architects and designers of the best company in the charming city of Dubai. The white color in the apartment adds the necessary contrast, acting as a neutral background for rich and massive furniture and decor items.

Our architectural company has developed an interesting and unusual interior design project for a comfortable penthouse in Burj Khalifa. The luxurious apartment was designed specifically for lovers of luxurious classics with elements of grace. Specialists and talented employees of our engineering bureau selected a successful layout for the implementation of the functional and luxurious space of this modern apartment. 

Our experts in design decorated the space of apartment using a white and bright tint palette in fit-out. They carefully approached the selection of lighting and facing materials. Light colors in the design of the walls, in addition to carefully prepared indirect lighting, were created for a reason. They made it possible to install an illumination suitable for everyone in this housing. Everything was done to meet the current and future needs of the owners of this royal apartment.

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