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The Best interior design Dubai

The Best interior design Dubai 

We invite you on a virtual tour around a luxurious house. And let’s start this walk from a magnificent hall. This villa project became a very expressive example of how clear and immaculate every interior design ideas can be. How gentle and refined a classic style can be. Despite a saturation of interior decorations, the hall has a very easy and gentle look.

Now let's stop for a moment and consider all the charm of the marble floor. The basis is a light Italian marble if cream shade. On this background, carved patterns look very bright and expressive. Petals of ornaments consist of beige and brown marble and onyx inserts. Modern methods of stone cutting can create a flawless floor with rather complicated ornaments. A special technology helps to create the 2D effect. The marble floor like flows harmoniously into the magnificent staircase which leads to the second floor of the villa. Laconic marble steps framed by a stunning wrought iron balustrade with gold and marble railing.

The interior is filled with pure and bright emotions!

Let’s have a look at beautiful walls, which also emphasize respectability of the house. Boiserie is filled with silk wallpaper with a delicate damask motifs that shimmer. On this background, elegant sconces with candles and a decorative massive mirror in a gilded carved frame look very bright. The doors are decorated with exquisite  pilasters with stucco capitals that are complemented by hidden lights.

And all this splendor is decorated with a stunning ceiling. In the center, there is a massive crystal chandelier. It is framed by a delightful stained glass in Tiffany style. This composition makes the main focus of festive mood in the hall interior. The lush stucco decoration plays a beautiful light, thanks to additional lines. The highlights of the project are curls, which you can see in stucco swirls, lines of carved patterns on the floor and stained glass. This creates the effect of a perfect harmony in the interior.

 The floor is made of marble looks luxuriously carved pattern with the family logo in the center!


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