Perfect comfort in a home depends on the proper organization of space on each square meter. And such a room like a dressing room requires an almost engineering approach to its design. Usually, these are relatively small by area rooms, in which it is necessary to equip a convenient space not only for storing clothes but also for a comfortable outfit selection on any given day. Interior design is a multifaceted art. And such a direction as the design of dressing rooms takes a worthy place in the general list of its directions. The choice of clothing is a kind of ritual that sets the mood of a whole day or a solemn evening. That's why the dressing room should create the right mood. In general, the design concept of dressing room always continues the overall style of decorating the house or apartment.

Wardrobe Design in classical style

In this room, you can surely use all the traditional elements of the classical style. In the ceiling decor, the stucco decor will look harmoniously. As a rule, the interior of the dressing room in the classical style becomes a part of the elite real estate space. The project provides for it a large enough room. It can be with a window. Curtains in the dressing room can be perfectly combined with modern blinds or Roman curtains. For decorative flooring is best to use a luxury parquet. After all, in this room, we often walk barefoot. Soft comfortable couch or a small sofa will add a touch of comfort to your dressing room in a classical style.

Wardrobe Design in a modern style

The modern dressing room is, first of all, new storage systems and new ways of lighting. In modern style used the maximum space, filling it with the furniture with open and closed shelves. For floors use a parquet from a natural wood. Then you use other decorating material, the floors can be with the heating system. If the room is of large area, it is convenient to use insular showcases to store small accessories and jewelry. The color scheme can be quite bright with the use of contrasts. And, of course, a big role in the dressing room of any style have mirrors. Here they perform both a practical function and visually expand the space.

Wardrobe Design in Art Deco style

Art deco style itself means a festive and bright mood. Since the maximum space of this room is filled with furniture, then, to emphasize the style of the interior in the Art Deco is possible with the help of lighting elements in the form of elegant chandeliers and furniture items. Perfectly for curtains in the interior of the dressing room in style Art Deco, if there is a window, one-sided curtains of fabric saturated shades with bright accessories.

The main types of dressing rooms:

1. Angular dressing room, which is ideal for small rooms
2. Linear interior. Such room is like a large wardrobe
3. U-shaped room. This is the most popular and convenient configuration.
4. Parallel variant design.
5. Dressing room of large area. In this case, the design is chosen individually for the room configuration.

Modern storage systems in the interior of the dressing room allow not only to conveniently store things but simplify the process of selecting the outfit. It is greatly facilitated with the help of special mechanisms. Lighting in the interior of the dressing room is a separate important direction. Because in this room it is important to create a daylight effect at any time of the day. In addition, the illumination of shelves is used, both open and closed. In the elite interiors of the dressing rooms, furniture with glass showcases with internal backlighting can be used. The ideal interior design of the dressing room provides proper storage of things, convenient selection of clothes and shoes. This brings to the interiors of houses not only a maximum comfort but also saves valuable time.


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