Wardrobe Design by Luxury Antonovich Design is a specially allocated space for clothes - it's a practical, smart and beautiful way of storing all your things: from shoes to hats. 

Advantages of the dressing room is a lot. Firstly, this is the order, if everything is placed correctly, then it is known that it is easier to find the right things, especially when there is absolutely no time. Secondly - it's the best preservation of things: neatly hanged dresses and suits on the hangers, retain their shape, do not crumple and, therefore, serve their masters much longer. And, finally, the third: the beautiful, ergonomic design of the dressing room will perfectly fit into any space, without creating cumbersomeness and freeing valuable meters for other purposes. Where will the room for things be located? The answer to this question depends on which a premises we are considering. If the dressing room is planned in a private house, then the room for things should be envisaged in advance before re-planning or construction. As a rule, a room for clothes with mirrors and shelves is initially included in the plan, and after construction only the interior decoration remains.

Design of a dressing room in the bedroom and children's room

In a more spacious real estate, like a sufficient by area apartments, you can make a good dressing room in the hall, though now, many make a mini- dressing room right in the bedroom or the children's room. This is really convenient when the apartment is inhabited by a large family. The design solution, of such a dressing room, is thought through in accordance with the parameters of the room. So, for example, the wardrobe in the bedroom can be hidden behind the partition at the headboard. It looks quite harmonious and can be decorated as an art object or a bright accent in the room. The wardrobe in the child's room is also comfortable. A child can always dress himself, knowing where his things are. In a beautiful and neat wardrobe, the kid himself will want to maintain order and cleanliness. Children's wardrobe can be located under the bunk bed (if indoors high ceilings) or behind a partition, as a finished furniture unit.

The types of design projects of dressing rooms

To date, many design projects for dressing rooms have been developed, suitable for different sizes of rooms and containing as many things as possible. Depending on the shape and size, all the dressing rooms are divided into several basic types:
  • Angular dressing room. This form is perfect for small rooms. The principle of its location is to equip the free corner of the room.
  • Linear dressing room - another option for a small room. This room is designed according to the principle of a sliding wardrobe.
  • U-shaped dressing room. The layout of this type is considered the most convenient and functional, although it is suitable only for spacious rooms of elongated shape.
  • Parallel dressing room. This room is also comfortable. Its feature is the parallel arrangement of shelves and racks.
  • Section for outerwear requires compliance with standards, namely the height of not less than 1.5 meters and a depth of not less than 0.5 meters.

Dressing room Design 

These are the basic rules that must be followed in the development the design of dressing room. Now let's talk about its types. To date, there are many different design options for dressing room projects. All of them, as a rule, meet the general requirements of planning and safety but differ in character and style. So, let's consider the basic directions for the organization of the dressing room:
Dressing room in the "neoclassical" style.
To arrange a dressing room in this style is not difficult. It is enough to order ready-made cabinet furniture, which is assembled on site and placed according to the layout. In this case, it will consist of sections made of wood, whose natural structure will be emphasized by a special coating.
Dressing room in the style of "Provence".
The main recommendation for furniture in Provence style - light pastel shades and bright juicy painting. In this room, there are not only open sections but also closed lockers for various kinds of trifles. The chest of drawers with metal forged details is the visiting card of the Provence-style dressing room.
Dressing room in the "loft" style.
The style of the loft is ideally suited to the organization of premises for things By its nature loft - a factory premise, spacious and roomy. The dressing room in this style abounds with metal shelves and racks, which allows us to recommend it for a small area.
So, we looked at the types of dressing rooms, their stylistic features, as well as furniture and accessories. In conclusion, I want to say that the design of the dressing room should mainly correspond to the individual preferences of the owner because everyone has his own personal wishes for how and where things will be placed. After organizing the garments placing, in the most convenient form for ourselves, you will enjoy the order and coziness every day.

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