The main requirements for modern interiors, as well as for style and design are:

Comfort - all family members should feel comfortable themselves in the room, there should be no sharp corners and unnecessary items. Places should suffice for a pleasant pastime for everyone, then the family will be happy. Functionality has no less important meaning than convenience and comfort because modern life is practically filled with various gadgets that make it easier not only in the big metropolis but also in the private house.

The attractive appearance of the room develops an aesthetic taste and gives pleasure, a person wants to spend more time in a cozy house.

Quite often, fashion trends involve the use of bright furniture, which becomes the main accent in the room. It is complemented by pastel wallpaper or painted walls, light tulles. The important moment is placing in the room of pictures with the image of nature, animals or photo collage with the image of family members.Decorative tree, on the branches of which there are photographs of relatives and close friends. It looks amazing.

Large chandeliers in the middle of the room in the apartment are out of date. For today, much attention is paid to lighting, as there is a wide variety of lighting fixtures on the market - from chandeliers, sconces, to spotlights and LED tapes that can divide the room into different zones and illuminate the area that is currently needed. Beautiful light decorations in the form of a stone on one of the walls contrast with furniture of natural materials, give a full sense of unity with nature. If the decor made of stone may seem rough, experts suggest using liquid wallpaper that is applied in various ways, allowing you to achieve different relief shapes.

The rest of the walls should be painted in calm pastel colors, then space and interior will seem complete.

Care for the environment extends to the fashion trends and ideas for interiors. Environmentally friendly furniture, which is manufactured without the use of chemical elements or harmful paint, allows you to buy it even for young children. Natural wood, bamboo and cork bark are in leading positions in the market of ecological products for interiors.

Even the colors used are close to natural - often different shades of green, brown, blue, which diluted and supplemented with black, white and pastel.Buyers are constantly becoming more demanding to manufacturers, carefully studying the composition of the material, possible indicators of toxicity, thereby making them more attentive to the raw materials and the finished product. Correctly made furniture made from natural materials do not harm. It allows you to be more careful about the environment and take care of the beauty of the planet for our descendants.

Each part of the living room, as well as its design, has its own characteristics:

For the ceiling, the most interesting will be the modern stretch ceilings. They allow not only to achieve a perfectly smooth surface, hiding small flaws but also to make interesting decorative effects - the starry sky, using chaotically located spotlights. The simplest and most effective kind of decoration of walls, which does not lose its relevance, is to paint them in white. On a similar background, you can easily place any decorative elements. The room will visually increase and expand, create the effect of a large space or a long living room. The floor for the living room is better to decorate using a board made of natural wood or cork bark. As an alternative, you can use quality laminate, the color scheme of which is close to natural.

The harmonious combination of dark laminate and light walls greatly increases the space in the room, fills it with light and adds a general harmony. Often, the use of tiles for flooring is practiced in country houses, it is not the style or trend that plays a role, but practicality. Cleaning, in this case, will be much faster, and it will be spent on it much less time and effort. The most interesting in recent times are gray, black and white colors in a reasonable mixture. It will create a harmony of a similar color furniture made of natural wood, slightly varnished.

A risky, but also an interesting option is the use of dark furniture on a white or dairy background. This became a trend of this season in 2017 and does not lose its relevance. Contrast always creates an atmosphere of mystery and order, so often business and busy people prefer this style.

For a comfortable stay in the living room, it is better not to save on buying upholstered furniture, because it is a highlight of the interior. It is much more pleasant to relax from a hard working day on a soft couch or chair. The leader among a wide variety of upholstered furniture is a corner sofa, it can not only accommodate a large number of guests, but it will also serve as an excellent place for guests to relax, and the presence of internal niches will make it possible to hide certain trifles.

In conclusion, we note that our studio the Luxury Antonovich Design in Dubai makes exclusive luxury interior design of living rooms turnkey. You should only contact us and we will take care of everything.

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