The Interior Design Studio Luxury Antonovich Design specializes in professional interior design in the UAE, Europe, Africa and Asia. We design and implement your wishes, thoughts, the vision of concepts, directing them in the right direction. We create a unique interior design, filling it with our author's developments of practical design.

6 Reasons to Order Turnkey Interior Design

The Interior Design Studio Luxury Antonovich Design solves all possible tasks for design, not forgetting about new trends and rules.
Easily operate with any area of your object: from several to hundreds square meters.
We please our clients with the developments of the author's interior items, thus we give uniqueness to each project.
We meet our customers' wishes in terms of finishing design projects on time. This is especially matters for interior design of commercial premises
We are loyal and competitive in pricing, despite the high level of quality performance of our work.
We cooperate with many partners in the furniture and construction industry, offering you a good system of discounts on furniture and materials

To realize the completeness and significance of interior design current days, it is necessary to define this concept.

Interior design is one of the design industries, focused on providing convenience and harmony in people's life. Interior design allows you to optimize the space, make it harmonious and comfortable for people. The interior design takes into account such features of premises as illumination, layout, acoustic characteristics, ergonomics

There is a common misconception that starting a construction, overhauling or reconstructing a room, interior design is a simple and trivial work which you can easily take. However, for a harmonious combination of functional and style features of the space of the room, taking into account its aesthetics and comfort, it will be the right decision to order the interior design from experts.

Advantages of interior design from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design

The advantages of ordering an interior design in the design studio Luxury Antonovich Design are obvious. Everyone who wants to do the author's design of the premises, first of all, tries to do it themselves. From this moment the difficulties of choice begin. So, with what difficulties and circumstances are faced in such cases?

The first circumstance - the owner of the premises does not know where to start since has no ideas. This is also called the information fantasy vacuum.

The second circumstance - the opposite of the first: a huge number of ideas for interior design, the availability of requirements and wishes for the future visualization of the interior.

The third common reason for ordering the interior design from experts is the lack of time.The fourth circumstance is the lack of special knowledge and skills of competent planning and zoning of premises. Studio experts of the interior design perfectly master the subject.

Fifth circumstance: for high-quality construction and repair, it is necessary to delegate most of the work to professional executors, since it is impossible to envisage all the nuances of spatial planning.

Author's interior design

When you order a service in the interior design studio Luxury Antonovich Design, you get an individually designed, stylish and functional design of the premises. You have the opportunity to inspect the interior design from various angles, order it in 3D spatial execution with cost calculations.

Also, you get:

Complete documentation with drawings, technical and technological descriptions of spatial planning processes;
Selection of materials and furniture with specification of their nomenclature and list in the process of repair work;
Author's supervision of spatial planning works.

What does the author's supervision mean?

Constant monitoring of the situation on the market for the selection and implementation of optimal solutions in the field of interior design.
Working out with the subsequent approve of the list both materials, and furniture, and also various subjects of equipment for the interior.
The ordering of materials, furniture, interior items, and repair work with the most optimal prices.
Constant quality control of repair work, supplies and the timing of their implementation.

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