Luxury Antonovich Design -  Katrina Antonovich's design studio - a platform for the design  experiments, where the creative process, which aims to - searching for the perfect  space. Katrina Antonovich best interiopr designer in UAE and as the creator of elite interiors of the highest class. Simultaneously she was able to acquire a reputation as a connoisseur of the magnificent ultra fashionable interiors of hotels, offices, clubs, and restaurants. Glossy shine, metal, bold ideas,  it is fashionable, expensive and stylish. That's how she sees its exclusive interiors. The company is not limited to projects. Having partners around the world, she implements her ideas at every stage: design, construction, renovation, equipment.She has implemented projects in Europe and the United Arab Emirates and Africa.

best interior designer in UAE

best interior designer in UAE Katrina Antonovich


1. We are one of the leaders in interior design

Our elite projects and exceptional achievements in the industry give us the right to claim that we are one of the leaders in the field of interior design in the UAE. The most eminent clients order our work with pleasure . Our site is visited by professionals from above  a hundred countries. Our projects attracted considerable interest and discussion at many foreign and domestic communities. We have mutual friendly relations with leaders and icons of world design furniture and decoration. Order a project from us is prestigious.

2. We have a high quality of services.

Everyone knows that the price must correspond to the quality.Our advantage is that our policy on prices has not changed since the opening of the Bureau and the quality with the experience implemented projects increased significantly. Therefore, today the quality of the product we have produced, significantly higher than its price which is at the level of the ordinary design bureau, and the design does not concede to generally recognized world leader in this field.

3. We have consistently high product level

We create exclusive interiors. In my company is very talented designers and this is a guarantee of stable results and quality. All other professionals: engineers, draftsmen, renderers, decorators working in a group on your project, help us get the job done quickly with high quality and within the specified period.

4. We have high-quality visualization

A very important advantage of our company is "realistic" quality visualizations.Our images are difficult to distinguish from the real photos, you can see your interior before its embodiment, with real furniture, materials, and proportions, in the daytime or evening light. According to our pictures you can build even without the project and specifications, it contains even sockets and switches exactly where they will be located in the project. We can try  any material on the walls floors and ceilings, any pattern, any real object.

5. We have extensive experience of completed projects

Experience implemented projects - is unique, that is,  has a huge impact on the level of designed projects. The designer begins to consider additional information, specifications and characteristics of materials, work processes, equipment reliability and features of its installation, thereby avoiding many mistakes and challenges that will be faced in the implementation of the project. Therefore, preferring designers with the experience of completed projects, you will save both time and money to rework the project. In this area, we are professionals of the highest category, who were lucky enough to perform exclusive projects, not only in their country but also abroad. Projects of large areas and with an incredible amount of premises. Our archive includes completed residential and public projects, from two to six thousand square meters, of award-winning prestigious competitions and authoritative publications in the nominations the implemented  project.

6. We have reliable partners

During this active work, we cooperate through our Bureau with hundreds of suppliers and companies, found reliable partners. We know how much they are accurate in fulfilling orders, delivery time and product quality. Ordering a project in our company, you have the best protection  from unreliable partners and unpleasant situations.

7. We offer delivery of furniture and materials

We work directly with the leading world factories and offering the supply of furniture and materials directly to the site.

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