Katrina Antonovich a woman who live for her big ideas, goals, which are the creation of absolute comfort and aesthetic perfection. She started a new era in interior design! And this era begins right here in the Emirates. And it is not accidental that here is situated the main office of the founder of the new trend in interior design. Open the main office in the heart of modern architecture and design in Dubai, was a very brave step.

The talented designer quickly won the hearts of the most discerning connoisseurs of luxury in this country.

And today, prominent businessmen, politicians, the Arab sheikhs have become regular customers. She performs the main desire not to be like everyone. Her interiors and architectural designs are a reflection of new trends in interior design that will be subject to neither time nor taste changes.

To better understand life in this Middle Eastern country, it is necessary to say a few words about its history. UAE was proclaimed an independent state is relatively recent, 2 December 1971, when the sheikhs of seven Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah and Umm Al Quwain) decided to unite, and withdraw from the British protectorate. Shortly before that, oil was discovered in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and the British because of their exclusive position in relation to both the Emirates, actively were drilling wells, bringing huge profits to both parties. This event took place just in time because pearling by that time( because of this Dubai become so famous), has ceased to be profitable: the Japanese have invented their artificial cultivation.

At the end of the 90-th, it was clear that oil will end sooner or later, and they decide to massively develop free trade and tourism. In 1999 was opened the world's first seven-star hotel Burj Al Arab - the famous "sail", which is still considered one of the most luxury and exclusive in the world. Following that the unique design projects, such as a group of artificial islands "The World", an artificial peninsula "Palm Jumeirah", the tallest building in the world "Burj Khalifa". Not to mention the numerous skyscrapers, in Dubai them about 900, and each of them is unique. To Imagination and to capabilities no limit.

And Katrina Antonovich raised the level of services to an unprecedented level, to meet the high technology development and progress in the UAE.

She became part of businesswomen elite. According to statistical studies businesswomen run by more than 20 thousand сompanies in the UAE. They also control the investment worth more than 15 billion dirhams (4.1 billion dollars), most of which are concentrated in the shares of stock, real estate, and trade. And the founder of Luxury Antonovich Design design studio with dignity continuing this trend.

Katrina Antonovich is working for you, connoisseurs of luxury, comfort, and unique beauty!

In the most luxurious interiors in fashion today lightness and elegance. Forget about the burden of gold and metal saturation. Only tenderness, grace, lightness and shine. Shine, which can be compared with shimmering diamonds. Behind this beauty is a completely new and innovative approach to the design and decor. Katrina Antonovich has invented a completely unique combination of classical motifs and Art Deco. And by combining the best, adding their own unique design, she creates a new direction and style, which is still waiting for its name.

Her art - it's amazing emotions when beauty is not just delight, it fascinates, remaining in the memory forever.

This is a wonderful breakthrough that has been waiting for all who are tired of the standard and ordinary. And that is fortunate enough that customers in the UAE became the first owners of the incredible beauty the interiors of the villa.

Design Katrina Antonovich - a new direction in design art, which is timeless.

In place of the massive visual elements with gilding comes a brand new innovative way of glass processing. This new laser engraving technology, which can be used to create three-dimensional 3D panels. Of course, gold is present as an element of decor. But in this case it appears as light and elegant accent. Playing and improvising with lighting, designer achieves the effect of infinity and airiness of luxury space. Perfect harmony, and interrelation between each fragment, and each curl decoration creates the visual integrity of the interior.

The world is changing rapidly and it is great! Beauty criteria become more subtle and profound And such geniuses in their field, as Katrina Antonovich, make history in that business to which have dedicated their life.

For you, a talented designer will create the absolutely unique interior, which will be ahead of time for decades!

Right now, let the dream come true!

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