The most important material in the design of windows is fabric - drapes, curtains.

It is quite important to maximum use of windows. Curtains, especially if they are dense, should be arranged so that in the afternoon they can be moved apart. As non-immobile can be only light, maximally transparent curtains made of tulle fabrics.  If your apartment is under direct sunlight all day, then you need protection, since everything should be protected. In order to prevent direct sunlight from entering the dwelling, light adjustable curtains and blinds are most suitable on hot days.

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With the advent of new technologies for the manufacture of window frames, the traditional and original function of curtains, as protection against drafts, is becoming increasingly irrelevant. Curtains are now used as the main decorative element of the interior. The color and shape of the curtains are influenced by trends and fashion. So, for example, with the beginning of the new century, there is a certain tendency: checkered patterns and strips are prevail, although floral motifs, which are preferred in many interior styles, are still popular.

Another characteristic feature of modern interior styles is eclecticism - a wide variety of combinations of basic motifs, and if earlier basically the pictures with one-colored materials were often combined, now it is not necessary. For example, the combination of stripes with flowers becomes more and more actual. Large flowers look originally on the background of a wide strip of ornament.

For soft furniture and pillows in this case, too, are offered "plants" or "striped" motifs of the same tone, but of a larger pattern. For cold and lack of sunlight interiors, the following method is used: double density curtains of different patterns of one burgundy-yellow spectrum are used. This creates a feeling of warmth and comfort.

An important role is played by the main elements of the curtains - the central part of the "composition" rises upwards on the rope clamps, the "landscape-floral" pattern, and the side parts - into large cells.

In general, the gamut of cold hues is quite popular now. Shaded in red or purple, such patterns look very impressive, is not accidentally the Romans considered all the purple tones as colors of wealth and nobility, and these connoisseurs of luxury very good understood it.

In order not to be mistaken in the choice of fabrics for curtains, it is necessary to be guided by certain rules:

1. Choose fabrics according to the pattern and color of the walls, the upholstery of the furniture, the color of the bedspread on the bed and even (for connoisseurs) to the pattern of bed linen.

2. In harmony with each other, there must be, first of all, large objects in the room. One of such large objects is a carpet, which by the area most often surpasses the visible surface of the walls. Therefore, to choose curtains, if you have a carpet, it is better follows the pattern and color scheme of the carpet (or vice versa, if you first purchased curtains, then the carpet should be selected to match them). It is not always easy to do this: you need to harmonize not only the tones and patterns but also the style and texture.

Curtains will always remain a classic element in the English rustic style, which is increasingly becoming fashionable . This style dictates the demand for a tissue with diverse forms of cell. Fans of delicate plant motifs, lightened, translucent fabrics and muted colors will also find suitable options in a wide variety of fabrics offered today.

In the modern interior, curtains gradually begin to give way to such elements of hi-tech style - as screens moving along the window. They can be made from an almost transparent fabric of different shades stretched on the frame. By the same screens, but a different color, you can zoning living space.

Decorators who work in a romantic style like to play with colors. A beautiful, light effect is created by light fabrics, and, conversely, dark fabrics create the effect of mystery, a peculiar layer into which the room "is wrapped", turning the room into a safe and cozy place.

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