Smart home. The time described in works of science fiction has come, things which until recently seemed unattainable to us: the house became "smart", managing by itself and if the owners forget about any economic needs, then such a house - never. Beautiful, cozy, comfortable and, most importantly, Smart home - now this is not only the most daring imagination but reality, and live in such a house is a pleasure.

What can such house? Let's start with the simplest - lighting control. With the help of the control system, it becomes possible to control - turn on, off, adjust the brightness - of each light source in all rooms, regardless of where the lamp is located and what type it is. This means you might not get out of bed to turn off the light, returning in the dark from the switch to the bed. From your bedroom, you can turn off the lights in a kids room or in the entire house. Or turn the night muted lighting in the corridors. With the help of such a system, you can control lighting from almost anywhere, even being far from home. If you put the motion sensor - the light will turn on as soon as one of the doors of the rooms is opened slightly. The light can be switched on and off at a predetermined time. And in the cottage, using outdoor sensors that detect a moving object, the outdoor light is turned on and a signal is received about the object being detected.

Smart home can simulate the presence of owners. The installed program will simultaneously turn on the light in different rooms, and when night comes, it will turn off the light, leaving minimum lighting. In the morning, when still dark, the light will turn on again and the outside observer will have complete confidence that people live in the house.

In addition to lighting, Smart home can support and "climate" parameters at a given level: temperature, humidity, fresh air. Depending on the street temperature and your desires, the radiators, underfloor heating, air-conditioners, and other appliances will be switched on by the system to the required capacity. The house will take care of a comfortable dream: the temperature will drop by night. Programming of thermal processes in the house significantly reduces the cost of heating or air conditioning, and integrated control excludes the operation of several heating devices at the same time.

The climate control system can tell the owner about the precipitation, wind force, temperature outside and in the room, and then follow orders: open or close the windows, ventilate. The system manages the climate in the house and automatically, for example, closes the windows, if it starts to rain, in hot weather will turn on the air conditioners, lower the blinds. For home Smart systems, you can write unique scenarios. In the country house will automatically be heated and drained roofs, transport entrances сleaned. Upon a signal from a mobile phone or by the Internet, a swimming pool will be filled before the cottage owner arrives and the sauna will warm up. And if guests come, the house will provide additional air conditioning and ventilation. A very important point for a country house is the "correct" watering of plants or lawns. Watering will take into account the moisture of the soil and the requirements for different plants. Putting the sensors in the winter garden, you can be calm - the house will control the humidity, light and temperature conditions in the garden zones so that all the plants in it look great. Aquarium fish will also feel comfortable under the supervision of the house. They will be fed in time, oxygen supply and light will turn on.

The correct and reliable operation of security systems is one of the necessary and important conditions of modern life.

Smart house will track their work and in time will send to the observation console a signal about fire danger. The system will send a signal not only to the panel of security but also to the owner's phone when intrusion in the house occurs. Sending a voice message to the phone specified by the owner will occur in the event of water leakage, gas leakage or, for example, smoke. If the number is busy or does not answer, the system dials the next preset number. During an intrusion, video recording may automatically turn on.

Security system when the signal comes about the arrival of the owners can turn on lighting and appliances in the kitchen, air conditioning, and a music center. A certain algorithm to the arrival of children is possible, for example, audio-video messages from parents are produced.And when the service staff comes, they will hear owners' instructions.

A distinctive feature of the smart home security system from conventional security systems is the choice of the system itself various options for responding to an emergency situation. For example, shut off the necessary pipelines in case of gas or water leakage, or call the service organization. The system can disconnect the emergency parts of electrical circuits in case of ignition. Thus, the state of all communications is under constant control, and in the event of any malfunctions, appropriate measures will be taken without delay and a message sent to the owners. And if at home remains a child, you can block the inclusion of dangerous electrical appliances.

The variety of functions of control and management of the household amaze the imagination. Manage such a system, it turns out, it is not so difficult. There are several ways to manage. The simplest one is using the keypad, where each button corresponds to a device, a group of devices, or a sequence of necessary actions. For clarity, the keypad can have a small display, which reflects information about the state of the system.

The most prestigious and comfortable control models with a touch screen. Such a console is a small monitor with the image of buttons, the names of commands, explanatory pictures. These models can also display images from video cameras. Very convenient is the management of the house via the Internet. You can find out about the state of the house, about the presence of people in it, about the weather, etc. Naturally, this information will be accessible only to the owners of the house.

Automating your home is very prestigious because today this is one of the most advanced achievements in technology.

But the most important thing is that the main purpose of this automation is comfort, because to remember and do a bunch of chores and other domestic things - from maintaining the humidity and temperature to feeding the fish and watering the winter garden - it takes not only time but also constant attention by owners, not to mention the security system, without which modern life is simply unthinkable. Therefore, the Smart home system is the most comfortable home and office management system for today.

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