Designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design approach the process of windows decoration with all responsibility and creativity. It is possible to realize a unique curtains design for the living room, which will help to highlight all the best in the room. When decorating the living room, it is necessary to take into account the features of the premise, the location and dimensions of the windows, the style direction. There are secrets of decorating art, only real professionals know. The most common option - a combination of heavy curtains of dense material and translucent curtains of tulle or organza.

Factors to consider when selecting curtains for the living room

Decorating the room, which is mainly designed for the reception of guests, is quite difficult. It is necessary to take into account the rules of decorum, to create a harmonious and cozy image, without sacrificing the practicality of the living room. The design of curtains in this process occupies an important place because windows can occupy the whole wall. When choosing curtains for a window, you need to consider several factors. The traditional version of the decor with a horizontal strip always in fashion,- pelmet, with fabric vertical panels under it. Very often in combination with a dense fabric uses tulle. It can be white or colored, in the form of a fine mesh or solid material. Variants can be different, the main thing - harmony.

Design curtains for the living room should be designed for both evening and daytime. It is necessary that all elements of the decor look appropriate around the clock. This is achieved through complex designs with holders and garters that allow you to adjust the layout of the panels. The absence of lambrequin can be smoothed by the presence of holders, ribbons, bows, decorative and functional elements with brushes and rosettes. Applying these rules, you should not forget about the moderation. Excessive accumulation of elements the same type can also destroy the harmonious image, as well as their complete absence.

How to choose the right type of curtains, taking into account the features of the room

Curtains design in the living room must comply with the rules of good taste and etiquette. Crossing the line between chic and vulgarity is very easy. To prevent this, you need to follow certain instructions when decorating windows.

The combination of different fabrics in the design of curtains for the living room.

One curtain can combine several fabrics, but you must strictly comply texture and color balance. If one piece of fabric is folded in texture or has a bright pattern, an additional cloth should be simple, one-color, to match the tone or the main hue of the main material. Curtains for the living room, contrasting with the background. Nicely looks design, in which used a combination of contrasts. This option is better to use for a small window. A small window opening can be reduced even more. This move implies a strong difference between the main tissue and its "companions" in the density and saturation of the hue. Usually, as the main cloth used bright fabrics, and the inserts are made in muted pastel tones.

Shortened curtains can be used in the design of not only the kitchen but also the living room . The living room space is a suitable place for interesting design solutions. You can play with the length of the curtains. The lower cloth can be shortened to the level of the window sill. The cut must not be even - the oval, arched or figured cutout looks beautiful. Festoons can adorn the lower edge of a lambrequin. Here the main thing is not to overdo it. The horizontal element, in this case, is not draped! Holders for curtains of identical material. If the design is based on simple vertical curtains of high-quality and expensive material, it is recommended to complicate the image with loops, ribbons or cords made from the same fabric. Elements should be large, they can be decorated with bells or contrasting inserts.

Bright textiles in the design of living room

Selecting the design of the curtains for the living room, you can not be limited only the area of the window. If we matching curtains with other textile elements in the room, it will give the interior a feeling of unity and completeness. Preference, in this case, is given to convex details: upholstery of furniture, pillows. It is not necessary to drape the walls with a cloth that was used for curtains, space will visually decrease, the walls will seem to press from all sides. When choosing fabric for curtains, you need to base on the style of the living room. You can use almost any material: satin, silk, chintz, linen, even synthetics. If the room is furnished with heavy exquisite furniture in Empire style or its modern modifications, the curtains must be selected from very light fabric. Their hue should match the tonality of the upholstery. The combination of blue or green with silver, cream or pale yellow looks nice.

Modern technologies of combining materials, sewing curtains and creating decorative elements make it possible to implement even the most daring ideas.

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