Modern business requirements had not left unchanged transformation of office premises, the approach to designing of them has changed significantly in recent years. Today, the design of the modern office - it is the use of new forms of arrangement of spaces in order to create the most favorable working environment for staff and management. Cooperation with partners and customers is the key to a positive image of the company, its prosperity, and big income. Exactly how will look your office and determines the success of the business. How do you want to see your office? What factors affect its decoration? This is room layout and stylistic image, color solution for workplaces, comfort furniture, equipment location, lighting, temperature, air conditioning. How to properly and efficient to plan office space and organizing workplaces so that the staff worked efficiently, we take a look at in this article.

Interior layout of a modern office

Creating of office interior starts with a plan, which is of great importance for the efficiency of the enterprise. A draft of the future office must be guided by a type of activity firm engaged in, and what is the quantity of its staff. For the interior layout of the office space is used a number of ways:

  • separate rooms;
  • open space;
  • using modular partitions;
  • mixed.

Nowadays, offices with a huge lobby, long corridors, and with many rooms can be found mainly in large corporations, where the area of work covers many industries. Huge offices include suspended ceilings, glass, ceramic granite flooring, elegant marble stairs, railings, and columns. Panels made of wood are still in demand. In the small and medium companies, common methods in space organization are open space or modular office, which combines minimalism, ergonomics, and beauty. The main advantages of such planning - the rational use of space, the possibility of close collaboration between colleagues and open communication with the client.

Colors and styling in office design

Modern offices - is primarily stylishness, comfort, and practicality. Decorating the walls, ceiling, and floor, furniture design, and equipment shall be in a single concept. Each particular office - is an individual solution, and it should be such that the desire to be creative has always been. It is important to choose the right color scheme. Preferred colors for the modern office: light blue, green, beige, yellow, cream; light gray, metallic and white. For companies whose activities require concentration and logical thinking suitable "cool shades". For firms in whose activity is important creative approach more vivid "hot" colors. We should also be said about the office design in the classical style, which is always popular. It is characterized by large cabinets, massive tables, and chairs made of dark wood, with a noble upholstery and massive legs. The decoration of such interiors - books, expensive paintings and various antiques. The light sources are the massive chandeliers and floor lamps.

For offices where the activities are related to artistic or creative work, is suitable interior in modern and art deco styles, in which represented the elegance of the lines, openwork partitions, comfort furniture, painted walls. To create an effective office design you can rely only to professionals. After all, by the quality of the project design not only the opinion of customers depends on, but also the attitude of employees.

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