This office interior has been designed for one of the largest construction companies in the UAE. A solid and successful company has entrusted a project to the well-known designer in the east, Katrina Antonovich, on the recommendation of their partners, who ordered the head office interior design project at Luxury Antonovich Design, the elite interiors studio.

Work on the project was very interesting, because it required a special approach and attention to details.

It is very important to emphasize the presentability of the construction firm. That dignity and respectability in the office interiors are primarily intended to inspire confidence of customers. This is a part of the success of any company. For the project implementation, a modern style was chosen and light and extravagant decor touches were designed to create an easy and relaxed atmosphere in the office.

In the stylish office interior, a lot of natural materials such as marble and solid wood were used. Marble floors with strict and exquisite patterns of carved stone of different types are smoothly continued by marble panels in the wall decor. A combination of marble and natural wood, varnished in the walls decoration, gives the elite office interior very elegant and decent look. The interior designer in Dubai Katrina Antonovich diluted this presentability and dignity by mirrored panels with bevel. The mirrored panels are present in the ceiling design too. Shallow niches around the perimeter are decorated with mirror stripes and complemented by a variety of spotlights.

A recreation area for customers and employees looks luxurious and a bit homey, so that each employee or visitor could relax and get positive emotions during a communication. A comfortable furniture, upholstered in genuine leather, elegant decor of walls, ceilings and floors, all these make the office interior a luxurious location for a productive work.

The office design underlines the high level of service of the design studio in Dubai, and that fact that at the moment it is deservedly among the top 10 interior design company in Dubai.

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