Many people dream of own home, however, embody it cannot everyone. If you bought or built a house, then you have achieved a lot in life and can now afford to live as you want. Private cottage - the fundamental evidence of well-being, solidity, and respectability. And the approach to the arrangement of the own house should be thoroughly and pragmatically. Few people manage to come up with and implement all the ideas for the interior decoration of the cottage on their own, without the involvement of professionals in interior design. Company Luxury Antonovich Design has all the technical, creative, intellectual and human capabilities to create a great design of the interior of the cottage, a private residence or a country cottage. Our young team will come up and make a reality your dream home, taking into account all your wishes for its design, comfort, and safety.

A variety of styles. Modern industry and housing construction technologies are actively developing. In the market of building materials, new kinds appeared. A house, a cottage, a mansion is now possible to build in any architectural style - from authentic wooden frame to super-modern Green Buildings, from the cottage covered with siding like in a small American town, to the Gothic castle. The exterior and interior design of the cottage, are usually combined with each other. Although, if you want to surprise your guests, it is possible behind the facade of the building with a medieval look to "hide" the interior in ultramodern style, based on the latest finishing materials, technologies, stylish decor items and furniture. Such contrasts look futuristic, fresh, unexpected and spectacular. People of creative professions and the young owners of cottages, for whom are equally important and comfort in the house, and the fashion element of their lifestyle, usually choose them for the decoration of their homes.

For the interior design of the cottage is most often chosen the following styles:

  • Classical or Baroque
  • European classic
  • Provence (French provincial style)
  • Minimalism
  • High tech

The choice of style - one of the main problems to be solved by the owner of the Nigeria building design before designing the interior decoration of the space. Practice shows that the houses interior design becomes for their owners increasingly important. While working on the design project, we comprehensively resolve all issues related not only to aesthetics and an image but also with the convenience and functionality of each room and home security as a whole. Currently accepted the whole house is decorated in the same style. All rooms and auxiliary premises decorate in the overall style. In this case, the house looks like a single unit, created to meet the needs of all family members who live under the same roof. Comfort and safety technologies

The choice of style - it's just the beginning of a project of interior design. House must not only be beautiful and cozy, but also comfortable and safe. The modern interior design is a place for all technological innovations. They may be embodied in:

  • The system of "smart house"
  • Surveillance Organization, security and fire alarm
  • Equipment of kitchen, home theater, home office, a gym, sauna and swimming pool
  • The original combination of multi-level lighting
  • The newest systems, audio, and video
  • Landscape design and protection of the territory from intruders

All this requires a professional project executors, so the creative team to develop cottage design project includes specialists in design, architecture, decoration, artists and decorators. Development of contemporary house design of cottages. House, cottage, mansion, country cottage - is a place where everything has to be just as owners want to. Interior design creates on the basis of the wishes that expressed by the owners of the house in a conversation with our experts. How to bring them to life - this is our task. Interior design studio the Luxury Antonovich Design creates exclusive latest house designs. We do not offer standard solutions.

By contacting to our studio, you will get a unique 3d house design that will make your home:

  • Convenient
  • Beautiful
  • Secure
  • Contemporary
  • A cozy
  • Stylish
  • Unique

Developing the design of building designs in Nigeria, we strive to make it special, original, corresponding to taste and needs of the people who will live in it. In addition to that, every square centimeter of space was used efficiently, and every detail of the house paint design contributed to the creation of the image, which has been designed by our experts and approved by the customer.

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