Modern interiors can be called adapted to the realities of the contemporary classic, that never go out of fashion and always current. For adherents of the modern approach to the arrangement of housing interior buildings in the neoclassical style is a perfect solution. It is perfect for rooms of any design and size.But the best way to design suitable accommodation with high ceilings, spacious and light.Modern materials and individual approach to the arrangement of housing in tandem with modern motifs are best embodied in the modern design.

Features of the modern style

A distinctive feature of neoclassicism is the ease and comfort combined with functionality. Decorating a house in this variant you need to strictly adhere to the proportions. Equipment dimension of the furniture should match the size of the room. Are welcomed decor decorations, which differs by bright individuality. But it is better to avoid flowery patterns, monograms and all sorts of ornaments.Allowed presence of mirrors, sculptures, paintings, and vases, but without excessive pomposity, and in small quantities.Home design is strict, unobtrusive, attractive and sophisticated.

In general, room equipped in the modern style, characterized by:

  •     straightness and elegance of form
  •     symmetry and accuracy
  •     functionality and logic of planning
  •     minimum decor

When choosing a color scheme better to give preference to natural hues:

  •     milky
  •     beige
  •     sandy
  •     pearlescent
  •     gray
  •     pale pink

But this does not mean that you can not do color accents.To the interior was not boring and monotonous, you can make inclusions of turquoise, gold, blue, brown, red and orange. The color scheme should be related to walls design also to the coloring of the furniture.Decoration materials must be of high quality and most resemble at the natural.To make the floor in a modern style, you can use parquet board, marble slabs.For the walls is better to use exclusive wallpapers, decorative panel, elements of artistic painting stucco.
The house in the modern style reflects her exquisite taste of the owners and includes all the variety, ranging from royal chic and ending dignified conciseness. The design of the room is made according to the laws of symmetry.Beautifully, if the plan assumes presence in the room an even number of windows. Emphasize this feature is possible by two armchairs arranged opposite each other. In pursuit of symmetry is not necessary to be zealous and to overload the space with an excessive amount of furniture and interior elements. This applies to both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Partitions for zoning premises is better not to use, and give preference columns, pilasters.Modern design for furniture of this style involves the use of natural wood. It can be as great and solemn, also simple and modern.Pretentiousness and solemnity give to it relief table legs, soft backrests of chairs. Natural motifs permeate the interpretation of this style in a contemporary way.Colors do not irritate the eyes and soothing by their conciseness and simplicity.

Designing of a bedroom and living room

House in the modern style - it is always current, and winning solution. Bedroom planning involves the installation of a bed and symmetrically placed lamps, bedside tables. Of course, some pieces of furniture, such as a dressing table or floor lamp will go beyond the general trend towards symmetry, but this only emphasizes individual design features. It is better to give preference to a massive bed with high headboard and bedside ottoman. Interior of a room for guests should be performed with pronounced features of modern trends.Interior pleasing to the eye, in this room you would like to stay for a long time.It does not press by heaviness, not annoys by overly bright colors, does not bother by excessive minimalism. The design of apartment thought out to details: there every piece of furniture or decor meets its objectives. The lighting should not be limited to a single massive chandelier.It is advisable to use in neoclassical design different light sources and arrange them evenly over the entire area of the walls and ceiling.

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Features of the modern style

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