In order to bathroom looked stylish and modern, recognized authorities in the field of decoration recommending to keep in mind the main thing - the pithiness. In the trend - minimalism! Of course, you can consider other styles, but you must not forget the main requirement - simplicity in everything.

In 2017, the design of bathrooms, according to professional designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design, will be different by laconic colors, thoughtful use of all elements of the interior.

Note, bathroom equipment today acquiring increasingly clear forms and this trend is not accidental. The highlight of the interior - in the combination of different textures: glass, ceramics, wood, concrete. A fashionable bathroom involves the use of built-in shelving and cabinets, which allow you to hide unneeded personal belongings. A bathroom is a place for rest, which requires special cleanliness in design. So do not overload it with things that are not necessary. An acceptable version of the design - modern prints. For the purity of style, even such a small thing as the color of towels is important: it is recommended to switch to white and gray towels, giving up variegated, bright colors.

By the way, a beautiful bathroom does not necessarily to be spacious at all. The modern sanctuary of cleanliness and comfort could well have a small size and still be stylish and multifunctional.

Ceramic tile expands the design possibilities when working with complex spaces - for example too small area or having a complex shape. In small bathrooms, it is the use of beautifully textured tiles helps to create a style without overloading the space. In fact, this is the only, but an ample method to create a full image. There is one important rule: small bathrooms are preferable to decorate with light-colored tiles since a dark color will emphasize the lack of volume. But for the design of spacious bathrooms, you can use strict, dark shades. Another important trend in the design of the bathroom is the use of geometric patterns laid out with tiles. This is a great solution for those who want to add deepness and visual variety to the usual, neutral space, but without using bright, screaming tones. Typically, this way decorate only part of the room or wall. Such kind of panel serves as a fashionable accent in the design and always makes the room really elegant.

Those who follow the fashion, be sure to pay attention to tiles of wood texture. Also at the peak of popularity - gray concrete tiles or dark gray granite: Gray hue is still relevant. This is a pretty bold solution, but such stylized materials will suit only for those who, firstly, really appreciate the eccentricity, and secondly, is the happy owner of a spacious bathroom. After all, large elements, including tiles in form of natural stone, visually reduce the tight space. At the same time in a large room, they look natural and even visually expand it.

Creating a cozy and inspiring zone in the bathroom with a soothing atmosphere is one of the key trends.

An easy way to follow this trend is to use natural materials such as wood, natural veneer, bamboo, and also tiles structured as wood. Wood, which has undergone a special treatment, is perfectly suitable for the humid atmosphere of the bathroom. The luxury option for creating an eco-style is a marble floor and various elements made from natural stone (for example, an onyx countertop).

Still at the peak of popularity - a bath on the legs or a free-standing bath

Lighting is an essential part of the bathroom design.

Therefore, it is no accidental the use of smart lighting in the bathroom, it is one of the key trends. Those who are striving to create an actual and dynamic image, we can recommend consider using of colored LED lightingThe modern bathroom, equipped with a backlight with a color change adjustment, as well as LED lighting of the shower can instantly cheer up.

Bathrooms, that reflect the design of the other part of the house

Designers predict that in the coming year there will be a tendency to develop bathing zones in such a way that they will look more like a continuation of the living room than as a traditional bathroom. Adding furniture for living room and special decor will allow you to achieve this goal. Leather sofa, art objects, elegant lamps (including chandelier and wall sconces) are key elements for such a bathroom, which is more like an elegant, quiet and cozy living room.

Bathroom equipment must be ultramodern

In a fashionable bathroom, all the equipment must be the most modern! This is the unshakable postulate of the current design. And it's not only beautiful but also very convenient. Modern bathroom equipment is original and functional: it pleases the eye with unusual shapes and makes life more comfortable.