What is needed for the creation of a luxurious bedroom design? You should start with a proper planning to create a luxurious design. From right "cooked" the plan depends on not only your comfort, appreciation of beauty but also the opinion of your guests, moreover, your, and your family members safety. Do not trust to amateurs the master bedroom design, you will pay twice as much. The more time will be spent on repair and delivery the materials, the more expensive will cost design of a luxury bedroom. If you trust the professionals, such as design studio Luxury Antonovich Design, you not only get a unique, exclusive design that you will not see anywhere else, and the admiring glances of your guests. Furthermore, quick development of a design project, the quality of its implementation, the purchase and delivery of all necessary materials, quick execution of all works turnkey in Dubai you get in one place in our studio Luxury Antonovich Design.

To create a luxurious design is better to start from the floor, walls and ceiling design (including lighting).

The design of the walls.

For the design of the walls better use of ornate decorative plaster. On the market, there are a huge number of its textures. Better to use pastel colors, different shades of beige, light pink, light blue or light green. Whichever option you choose, be sure to keep in mind that the color of the walls should be in harmony with the furniture. On walls can also be different additional decorative elements, art paintings, mirrors, and even murals. Whatever option for your wall decor of the luxury bedroom you choose, first of all, it must comply with the overall design concept and proper composition with the floor and ceiling decor.

Floorings design.

The classic option for flooring decoration in a luxury bedroom, of course, natural parquet made of precious wood such as oak, for example. Wooden parquet flooring provides easy tangency of bare feet, good aura, a special atmosphere. To dilute the floor decor, and give to it, even more comfort, you can spread a luxurious fluffy carpet. A natural carpet will not only caress your feet, you can also sit comfortably on it. Moreover, the carpet is not only for comfort, the ornament on the carpet, exquisite patterns, especially in the oriental style, will make it the highlight of the interior.

The ceiling Design

The classic variant of the ceiling design is a white color. It is always in a trend and will never come out of fashion. Moreover, correctly placed accents in the interior, a beautiful contrast will make the bedroom interior gorgeous. Shining overflows on a white smooth surface of the ceiling is the top of perfection in the interior design and modern classic style. Blended light accents in the interior with the help of dynamic light from the ceiling lights control the mood in the room to bring a day or night.

Lighting in the bedroom can be not only on the ceiling but also options of additional backlighting of mirrors, windows, beds or paintings by artists can be used. Adjusting the lighting can create the mood that you need, for example, romantic or for rest, for a good sleep.For highlighting accents can be used sconces, small table lamps or tastefully decorated floor lamps.

The bedroom design is primarily aimed towards creating a comfortable environment for rest and sleep. It is in sleep big dreams appears and bold desires come. Good sleep and rest contribute to a new day desires fulfillment. Because of this, nevertheless, the bedroom is the most important room in the house. We have vast experience in implementing of unique ideas for master bedroom design, we will create for you the best unique product and will embody your dream into reality.