Luxury Antonovich Design as the elegant brand offers unique and luxurious interior solutions in the UAE.

The majlis ideas is an integral part of villas in the East. This is the part of the fine cultural traditions. And we pay particular attention to this interior design direction.

The purpose of this project is the creation of a luxury space that reflects the hospitality of the owners, their respectability.

The interior designers have offered expensive materials such as wood, marble, gilding and luxury textiles. Another key thing to remember is that a special role in the creation of unique Majlis interiors by Katrina Antonovich is played by the choice of colours. Golden and light, emerald green and beige shades. Each hue perfectly matched and created an elegant atmosphere of respectability. The spacious Majlis apartment is full of the fabulous decor.

Interior designer Katrina Antonovich brilliantly improvises with classic and oriental styles.

The interior combined a festive atmosphere and a feeling of comfort. For guests, there are comfortable sofas, upholstered in noble fabrics. The carved decoration of the furniture makes the interior lush and festive. Near each sofa, there is an exquisite coffee table. The real gem of the project is the floor of natural marble with carved patterns. The crystal chandelier and pendants that are placed around the perimeter of the ceiling make the interior sparkling and wonderful.

Katrina Antonovich chose and arranged all the decor elements in such a way that the amazing interior perfectly shines. 

Furthermore, the feeling of lightness and visual volume is significantly enhanced by the large mirrors in the walls decor. The Majlis interior has everything to make every guest feel comfortable and in the centre of attention. This delightful luxury is decorated with large bouquets of flowers in elegant vases. Many pleasant events in the family life are associated with Majlis interior. And the task of the interior designer is to create the image that is surrounded by the aura of respectability and admiration. Here everyone will feel welcome.

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