The interior design of Luxury Antonovich Design is high skill creating beauty, luxury, and comfort. We create interiors for customers worldwide. To create a truly ideal habitat, we combine cultural traditions and the latest technology. And like every art, interior design is subject to fashion trends. Elegant and sophisticated features now the height of fashion. True connoisseurs of luxury prefer the exquisite version of the interior, where there are the original decorative elements. We offer customers its own developments. This is a unique wall decor, exclusive furniture in general design concept of unique solutions. Our customers are confident that their interior will be one of a kind.

This project Majlis - is the embodiment of the future era of luxury and comfort. Surprisingly harmonious combination of materials, colors and textures are complemented by a revolutionary solution in the decor. Floor and ceiling decor looks reasonably and noble. The interior designers gave to the wall decor all the pomp and magnificence. The snow-white surface of the ceiling in the best traditions of modern classics is graced elegant chandelier in the middle and with small spotlights. The floors are decorated with natural light-colored marble. To make the floor more expressive, it's complemented by carved pattern line of darker stone.

The decor of the walls there is a great diversity:

  • volumetric 3D panels of glass
  • stained glass imitation made of brass
  • mirrored panels
  • matt decorative plaster
  • modern artists paintings

With all this diversity it is all very harmoniously.Mirrored panels are covered with openwork lace gilded metal. Mirrored panels are an additional way to expand the space. Muted shades of plaster making more vivid and juicy other decorative elements. Majlis in the house in the Orient has a special roleThis is where the owners of the house expressing their respect and hospitality to guests. And such an interior will be a real source of pride for the owners. Everybody will enjoy the beauty and cozy mood.

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