Curtains by Luxury Antonovich Design Studio are real masterpieces of textile design. Our designs are exclusive. We create amazing curtain design. Luxury curtains are a perfect way to complement the interior, to fill it with special notes of charm, beauty, and grandeur.

To create the perfect curtains, we keep the following principles:

  • Exact correspondence of curtains design and an interior design style
  • Curtains sewing from fabrics of the best world producers
  • Harmonious curtains decoration by accessories, etc
  • A color scheme of windows decoration is selected in accordance with a furniture upholstery
  • Perfect quality of curtains sewing.

A modern selection of fabrics, accessories and trims gives an excellent opportunity to implement creative design ideas. Improvising with shades, textures, grabs, cornices we create curtains that adorn the most respectable interiors. Today, a classic style is very popular. And the curtains in the classic style are the most luxurious windows decoration. They are usually complemented by soft and hard lambrequins. Luxury printed fabrics and handmade embroideries are often picked up for them. For elite interiors, we offer modern curtains fixing, which allows you to control curtains remotely. Today, curtains are becoming part of the smart home system, no matter what style they have.

An artistic expression of the interior, the integrity of the image depends largely on the textile design. Upholstery, window decoration, soft wall panels and other details are important attributes for the creation of a comfortable atmosphere. And the curtains creation should also support the functionality of the interior. Curtains for the kitchen are made of special fabrics. Curtains in children’s room are directly related to the features of child psychology regarding the colors choice. And curtains in a living room can become the main decoration of the room and give a great sense of aesthetic pleasure.


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