Be aware that often most of the bathrooms rather small but functionally important room in the apartment. Therefore, in considering the interior design of the bathroom can not be forgotten that there is a large number of essential things: a bath or shower, plumbing appliances, furniture and other accessories. In order to in the bathroom was comfortable is necessary thoroughly think through its equipment, because the bathroom applies to rooms with high humidity and temperature.


The most common way to decorate a bathroom is a ceramic tile, the choice on the market today is huge - starting from color and finishing texture. Any of your dreams become a reality. There is still great demand of laying tiles with a border when below is laid tile darker hues, and up goes in bright colors. Very popular in our time the artificial stone. Since it has a wide range of colors and textures, it is ideal for the walls and floor decoration. Marble is fashionable, but rather expensive material and is often used to finish the bathroom.

The most important object in the bathroom is, of course, itself a bath. For today baths are designed by designers of different shapes and colors. Depending on the size and room layout, you can choose a classic rectangular bath or triangular, or an oval. Bath color selected depending on your chosen interior. If your bathroom is small, and you are comfortable with the opportunity to luxuriate in warm foam, then you may want to consider to install a modern, and comfortable shower. Shower cabins have appeared on our market not so long ago, but due to its advantages have become quite popular. Modern design ideas have not left aside the washbasins. A variety of shapes: from the round to cubic, from regular bowls to marble countertops - amazes consumer.


The role of lighting in the bathroom is huge. Modern designers believe that the bathroom should be one of the most lit rooms in a house. Before setting up the lighting fixtures in the bathroom, it is necessary to consider not only their location, which should highlight the selected design of the room. It is necessary to carefully choose the light sources, taking into account factors such as humidity, high temperatures, harmful fumes detergents. Is necessary to choose fixtures that are resistant to temperature and corrosion of metal, which normally tolerate moisture and at the same time maintain the necessary brightness. Also, to create the necessary interior are used mobile lighting fixtures that turn to any side, changing a color and light intensity. These lamps, with high technical parameters, to help simulate the desired lighting effect in a small bathroom. For fans of the original design solutions, there are special lighting fixtures - portholes, which are built into the floor.


Of great importance in the creation of bathroom design is the choice color scheme. The choice of color, of course, determined by the individual characteristics of a person, but we must remember that one color can visually reduce the room, the other - to help get you in a good mood, and some - will cause irritation. The main color in the bathroom creates coloring of tiles: floor and wall. Visually increases room decoration in light colors, as well as tiles, laid on the floor on a diagonal. Dark and saturated colors help to visually reduce space. Blue, green, the color of light wood, white, and various shades of beige and gray are the most suitable for the bathroom. Blue color helps to relax. It lulls, lowers blood pressure, calms. Green not only helps relieve nervous stress but also makes it possible to relax the eyes. A bright range of colors (gold, copper, red, pink) will create a cozy atmosphere that calms and relaxes, red cheer, and the charge of morning energy provide silver, peach, and cream hues.


Without which interior detail it is impossible to imagine a bathroom? Of course, without a mirror in which equally need both women and men. Generally, mirrors not only decorate the bathroom, they are very functional interior items. The main thing wisely and beautifully arranged them, because, a mirror capable of optically to enlarge the room almost doubled. Mirrored cabinet will look very stylishly if it equipped with backlighting

When creating a bathroom furniture designers take into account all indicators from the aesthetics and beauty of finishing materials to their quality indicators. Accessories include minor items, which give the bathroom interior a finished look. It seems to be possible to do without them, but they help to create a single style composition. We will thoroughly plan design of the bathroom, in order to a bathroom turned to a stylish, comfortable and functional premise.

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