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Architectural workshop and interior design studio the Luxury Antonovich Design Dubai developing interior design and architectural design of private homes, palaces, mansions and country cottages. Our team consists of the best designers and the best architects, with great creativity and many years of experience in the field of elite  design and architecture. Architectural studio Luxury Antonovich Design Dubai is among the very best the UAE architectural bureau. The experience gained in this field allows implementing the most daring and ambitious projects, creating luxurious interiors VIP, avoiding cliches and cliché.

Individual approach to the design of buildings and interiors

For successful implementation of the project in the first place, it is necessary to reach a mutual understanding between designers, architects, and the customer. An individual approach to design is our highest priority. Knowing the tastes of the customer, his preferences, and position in society, we can offer the most suitable designs luxury interiors. At a time when the monotony prevails both in clothes and in the interior design, we propose the creation of unique and exclusive solutions for your private houses, villas, and luxury apartments.

Exclusive interiors turnkey

Specializing in the design of interior turnkey, Luxury Antonovich Design Dubai takes over all tasks and decisions needed to save client's time.The idea of the project justifies itself in full because it helps to avoid possible conflicts and errors associated with the coordination of the construction and finishing processes in different companies. Contacting our architectural studio, you will find a friend and helper, who can be trusted to create the best interiors for your country house or manor. In developing the  project design, our team aims to create an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable living space, in which the owner would feel most comfortable.

Architectural supervision

As the level of responsibility to our customers is very high, our architectural studio specialists supervising the compliance of construction works with an approved design project, monitoring the observance of planning decisions, carry out the selection of decorative and finishing materials, consult with the customer, keep field supervision log. For us, it is important that the architecture and the project design reflected on paper and recreated in 3D and drawings will be embodied in the real interior of your home. Thanks to our  Bureau's cohesive team, the project will be provided  on a hundred percent.
Fulfillment of works on a high level of quality is the main priority of our interior design studio. We pay special attention to the quality of development of the album of drawings  since the performance of construction work on the project   depends on this. And with bad drawings, often,had performed works really does not match with the planned.
The design is not the place to little things, every detail matters. To create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in the house everything must be thought out, all the elements are arranged in their places. Only by following this design paradigm  a harmonious and individual style in which you want to live is embodied in the life. This is our credo!To which we strictly adhere to more than 16 years!
In some projects, our interior design studio working under the concept maximum comfort for the customer. This concept involves a minimum presence of the client at the facility, all the hassle is taking the company manager with whom you have a constant connection. The concept of maximum comfort for the customer includes the project, selection of finishing materials, furniture equipment, sanitary ware and other home furnishings, as well as engineering systems.

Why people trust us:

In our studio, we try  to consider all the interests and wishes of the client. Each customer is a co-author - all ideas and suggestions are discussed and thought out to the smallest detail so that as a result you can realize all your dreams of a perfect home!

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