Designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Studio created a stunning hall interior, turning it into a wonderful world of modern luxury. Getting into the house, you get a tremendous aesthetic pleasure and want to stay here forever.  It will become one of the most wonderful projects of our interior designer portfolio.

This beautiful masterpiece in modern classics is made up of several important components.

  • The organization of the space geometry;
  • The selection of finishing materials;
  • The colour scheme of the interior.

The organization of the space geometry

Dubai Interior Designers perfectly showed features of the architectural plan of the building and brought their own zest to the project. The spacious hall of the building, which extends over its entire height, became the basis of the beautiful interior story told by the designers. The hall space is a completed composition with the central axis. The centre is defined by chandeliers that cascade down with crystal waterfalls. The stair portal consists of two symmetrical parts, which are connected on the second floor and gradually move to a spacious terrace. A huge role in creating the perfect and expressive image is played by the furniture. The luxury furniture complement the central part of the hall. The round sofa underlines the space geometry. And at the same time, it wonderfully emphasizes the warmth and hospitality of the house owners.

The selection of finishing materials

All solutions of the architects and designers are based on the harmonious combination of finishing materials in the interior. The materials play a major role in the interior to emphasize the wealth and respectability of the house. The main fiddle in the luxurious orchestra of this project is played by a white marble. The floor in the hall is decorated with the marble, and the luxurious staircase is made of it, as well. Also, the white marble is used in the finishing of the large round sofa. To give the interior a greater artistic expression, the designers used the dark marble and dark wood of valuable species. The elements of forged railings are decorated with gold leaf. The highlight of the project is a modern elevator cab made of transparent glass.

The colour scheme of the interior

To create a wonderful feeling of lightness and freshness, the designers use light shades as the basis. The white marble is perfectly combined with the pearly tints of decorative plaster. Carved patterns of the dark marble on the floor and dark wood of valuable species became bright accents here too. Luxury is enhanced by the crystal chandelier, under which the marble and glass elements the elevator sparkle. Luxurious curtains of precious milky silk fit perfectly in the interior.

The hall interior is decorated in an elegant and slightly restrained manner. It is very cozy and festive at the same time. The interior provides an excellent opportunity to break away from reality and immerse yourself in the pleasant moments of relaxation.

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