Connoisseurs of fine living room interior design with lots of straight lines and asymmetry, studio of Katrina Antonovich can offer decoration in a modern style. Projects in this area - it is a good combination of decorativeness and practicality in detail. You can verify this yourself - only need to visit the section of Luxury Antonovich Design website, which shows exclusive solutions for different objects of the architectural and design bureau.  Entrusting the interior design and development of your own project to the studio, you can get not only original but also practical design in a modern style. Experts with the responsibility working on the smallest details of their work from the creation of premises planning, taking into account the requirements of the owners, to strict compliance with the terms agreed with the customer.  To make an individual interior in a modern style, employees of a bureau use their own knowledge and experience, taking into account fashion trends in decoration. To highlight the belonging to a specific direction, they are used in their work glass, metal, natural leather, elements of manual labor. All items of nigerian living room designs in a modern style  - lighting, furniture, decor and colors - are selected depending on the ideas and demands of the customer.

Interior design for living room was created and developed on the basis of the following principles:

  •     classical approaches neglecting;
  •     variability - from romantic images to rigorous and business;
  •     dynamic balance and the creation of a unified ensemble;
  •     the presence of flexible and streamlined forms.

Distinctive features of the interior in modern style:

  •     the absence of strict symmetry;
  •     the use of natural materials in the interior;
  •     prevalence of muted colors and subdued shades - gray, milky, blue, green, white, purple, coffee and walnut;
  •     a natural motif in the furniture and accessories;
  •     for interior design in a modern style characterized by an abundance of decorative items.

Designs for living room in modern style furnished with a simple and functional furniture with elegant glazing, refined details, and accessories.As the decoration in interior design in a modern style using textiles, marble, and brass, onyx.  The most successful choice for finishing floors in the modern style - artistic use of marble or wood flooring with geometric patterns. The ceiling, which complements thesimple living room designs in the modern style usually decorate with lines of illumination of different shapes, textures, sizes and colors.For lighting used holders elongated, compact lamps, as well as additional light sources: floor lamps, sconces, and bedside lamp.

Contemporary living room design reflects the modern way of life of the citizens, who are in constant movement, engaged in career and value their time. Accordingly, a living room in a modern style has advantages such as functionality, comfort, and simplicity in a cleaning.  It is known that each individual living room designs in Nigeria style has distinctive features, by which can be identified the interior belonging to this or that stylistic direction. And speaking of the modern style in the latest interior design for living room - the sense of style is in its name, which translates as "laconic modernity".

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