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Artificial lighting in the interior plays a major role in every home. It is because of the light we can see the objects and the world around us in bright colors. The atmosphere of living premises depends on the selected lighting. Knowledge of the main characteristics of it, help arrange proper lighting accents, to highlight zones building design and construction, some decorative items, to emphasize the room design, create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

Types of lighting in the interior

Modern designers are using all the main types of lighting in the interior. After all, properly selected light helps to maintain health and feel great, look better, to make the room more spacious and more.Experts advise not only the basic (ceiling) light to install, but also to use wall lights, spotlights, wall lamps, floor lamps, hidden light sources that can be used depending on the mood and needs of the owners of premises construction plan architectural designs of houses.

The main types of lighting

Consider the main types of lighting in the interior and lighting characteristics. The most common, until recently, incandescent lamps, can be compared with the natural light of the sun in the evening.Fluorescent lights are much brighter and are equal to the midday sun. They are often used for the common (basic) lighting in offices, manufacturing, for additional lighting.Halogen lamps are little brighter conventional lamps.  In the living premises, experts recommend for using architectural building plans diffused direct light.It is most favorable for human life and health.It helps to create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. The diffused light provide fixtures with a large surface area, better matt. Most often used in living rooms, bedrooms, children's rooms, the kitchen. Spot fixtures  in the interior
In the design of modern interiors, are especially popular spot fixtures. They are multifunctional, take up very little space, economical. They can be placed on almost all surfaces: on the ceiling, the facade of furniture, frames, walls etc. Spot fixtures can be located at any level in the living premises. Typically, placement handled by experts.Lighting power can be controlled depending on the situation or needs.  When choosing the lighting for living premises, you should pay special attention to the children's room and study room or zones. The children's room, as in fact any other room, should be bright enough the main artificial light, and additional light sources.Such as table lamps, nightlights, lamps, mobile lighting fixtures and so on. Also, you should pay attention to the quality, safety, and durability of the devices themselves.
Lighting of any room - this is the sum of three major components architecture house design: the common, working (directional) and decorative lighting.To the group of general lighting, often included lamps that are placed on the ceiling and provide uniform diffused light. Normally, with such a function, do well chandeliers with multiple lamps, and textile or frosted glass lamp shades.  It is important that the ceiling light does not cast shadows and highlights - or a challenge of creation the soft even illumination of the space cannot be solved.Lamps with obvious shadows refer to the decorative.

Living room

Permanent general lighting, decorative lighting as accents, working lighting in the area of the coffee table. If the living room combines a dining room or office functions, an additional working lighting should be directed to a dinner and /or a work table.


General lighting is not necessary since the kitchen basically serves only a functional role. Especially if we are talking about a small area of the kitchen. A lamp from the center of the room is appropriate to shift closer to the dinner table, and (due to the length of the pendant) to turn it into a working light.The kitchen is also required functional illumination of the working surface from under the top drawers.Take care about directional ceiling lighting, the upper drawers, and work area.

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Types of lighting in the interior

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