We offer stylish landscape solutions "turnkey". Designer's exclusive!

Landscaping company Abu Dhabi Luxury Antonovich Design creates beautiful and functional gardens using traditional approaches and new technologies. Gardens from Luxury Antonovich Design  decorate  luxury villas and castles in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other.

The decision of landscape design for connoisseurs of luxury

Creating a high-end landscape design is to develop a unique project, which will differ by its easiness and at the same time saturation.For such decoration are using:

  • Trends of the classical style, complemented by modern canons.
  • The expensive plants planted in the proper composition and require regular care of.
  • Design architectural structures made of wood and metal.
  • Of course, the landscape is complemented by  elite exclusive sculptures, light fixtures, and decorative ponds.

The house - a diamond of manor park and the surrounding landscape - the refined ornamental frame, which   in the mirrors of its windows reflected by different colors.For the beautiful house is a necessary decent garden, in order to it is fully disclose its splendor. Gardens from Luxury Antonovich Design Landscape Company - a professional garden design with a pronounced artistic style and excellent quality. Landscape Company Luxury Antonovich Design creates gardens in different styles - from classical French parks and landscaped English gardens to modern green spaces in high-tech style. In addition to the development of landscaping projects and performance of works at the garden, the company also offers services of

the complex care of a garden. Famous world designer Katrina Antonovich knows needs and interests of their clients. Using general approaches in the work, such as quality, functionality, and impeccable style, she creates unique gardens, which are designed to meet the needs and preferences of a particular client and his family.

Creating a beautiful garden - it's not just planting a few trees, but also a complex, laborious process, during which every detail of its future the look  developing.

Landscape design is required not only in the case if you want to create a garden, but in that case, if you just want  the land site took an attractive look. Creating a composition on the territory around the house - it is a complex and time-consuming process, which successfully copes Landscaping company Abu Dhabi Luxury Antonovich Design.

Elite landscape design allows you to create unique compositions on any land site.

Landscaping company Abu Dhabi Luxury Antonovich Design, not the first year engaged in creation of an elite landscape design and is ready to offer its customers a large number of advantages:

  • Original and unique solutions even in the most unusual situations;
  • Materials made from the best components;
  • Full control of the creation of the project and  adjustments;
  • Availability of a wide choice of plants to create a landscape of gardens and parks;
  • An embodiment in life  any of your ideas.

The house can not exist separately from the surrounding area, and only a professional designer can offer the most effective and organic solution for the arrangement and a look of the site of all sizes.  Experienced specialists from our company, works with the landscaping of any complexity.In order to perform design of the land site and allow him to gain a unique look, enough to apply for assistance Landscaping company Abu Dhabi Luxury Antonovich Design and quite soon you will enjoy the amazing results that will be pleasing  the eye for many years, bringing coziness and a feeling of comfort.


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