To create an elite landscape design it is necessary to choose only experienced companies. Experts are able to realize brightest ideas. They use the best plants from the world's leading nurseries, which allows them to create an exclusive design on the site.

Design Features

Landscape design by the Luxury Antonovich Design is characterized by subtle lines, as well as unusual shapes. Landscape design is created according to a clear plan and has a strict logical geometry. In such landscape design necessarily use artificial structural elements - paths, sculptures, ponds. In order to complement the composition in the design, decorative products are used.

To arrange a resting place in most cases, an open arched arbor is used, which is located between garden paths or at their intersection. To complement the design of the relaxation area, experts use furniture with forging elements. The material for furniture production can be wood or stone.

Especial attention in the landscape garden design is given to the flowerbeds. Flowers are necessarily planted in them, which gives to the design a peculiar note of joy. For framing flowers are used low, properly trimmed shrubs. Many designers prefer evergreen species. In this case, they are functioning like a hedge. Inside the hedge, unique combinations of flowers are created. Here a very important role is played by the colors range. Filling of the landscape can be made using rubble, gravel or any other small stones.

Design styles

European design can be done in Baroque style, in European or English style. The design created in the Baroque style is a place where people relax and have fun. It is in most cases framed by hedges and filled with a huge number of colors that delight with a variety of color palette.

The French design is characterized by the application of optical principles. Designers recommend making landscape in the French style for large areas near the house. The French garden is like a parterre, which is characterized by the presence of intricate patterns of exquisite shapes. Nevertheless, such parterres are characterized by strict formal characteristics. Separation of flowers in the parterre is made in accordance with their type and color.

English style in the landscape design is characterized by beauty and naturalness. In this case, the natural shape of the site relief is maintained. When decorating the garden in the English style, a variety of plants and decorative elements are used, which help to emphasize its natural beauty.

Highly qualified companies are ready to execute a design in any style on the customer's site. They have not only a high level of professionalism but also a lot of interesting ideas that will undoubtedly attract clients attention. Landscaping has become an integral part of many country houses. Indeed, it is in the suburban areas, as well as near own home, you want to fully enjoy the beauty of nature.

Now the elite landscape design from the Luxury Antonovich Design can be ordered by any client, who liked different developments presented on the site.

It should be noted that landscape design represents a kind of real art, and it often requires a creative approach. In order to design the future landscape, we use modern computer technologies to create a 3D-visualization, which will be a virtual image of what will be created. Before embodying any idea into life, it is necessary to carefully design it. The same goes for the landscape. Before engaging in designing, a landscape designer must visit the site to familiarize himself with the site, take a soil for analysis and make photos of the object, and discuss all the details with the customer so that directly on the site he tells about his wishes. It should be noted that the design process itself consists of two main stages. First, make up a preliminary design of the main idea, that is, the image of the future garden. The second stage creation of a so-called working design when drawings and technical documentation are developed to correctly calculate all sizes and volumes and at the same time make a cost estimate. In fact, it can be said that this will be a master plan of the site with an approved concept. Here, the balance of the ground masses of the plot and the plan for its vertical planning will be displayed. It also presents a layout plan of the site in which all paths, their sizes, zones and many other objects will be displayed. The types of path coatings and pavements, as well as all occupied areas, are necessarily displayed. When designing a landscape design is necessary to drawing up a planting plan, in which the main planting sites with their names and parameters will be indicated, as well as an indication their number. A very interesting idea is the landscape with illumination. In this case, it will also be necessary to develop a project for an outdoor lighting system and selection of suitable lighting equipment.

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