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landscape design project - is to create a harmonious and stylish decoration of the house. Behind spectacular images of landscape design, a complex design process, which consists of several important stages. Landscaping of the yard of a private house by the studio Luxury Antonovich design can completely transform the territory. And your house will become a real gem among the architectural ensemble. Understanding the processes of landscape design can help you to determine the dreams and preferences in landscaping around the house. We will devote a series of articles on our website to subtleties of landscape design. And we want to start with the organizational basics of landscape design.

The first stage - the creation of the project

This stage can be called the most important. On how everything is well designed, in the future, the clarity of performing all the work will depend on. Without extra labor and financial expenses. Already in the design phase is necessary to decide on the style of landscape design. This line of art, as well as interior design, is also subjected to styles. Landscaping the yard of a private house may be in a classic style, modern style, in an Art Nouveau style, in the English style, French style, and others.

However, the most popular worldwide several styles used in the process creating landscaping projects.

1. Regular style.

The main feature of this style is that straight paths converge towards the center of the house. They alternate with large lawns, clipped shrubs, flower beds and trees.

2. Landscape style

Name itself suggests that this style of decoration site will be most similar to the natural landscape. It's winding paths, shrubs, and trees, streams, and glades of flowers. In this embodiment, the house not the center, but only a continuation of the harmonious landscape.

3. Oriental style

This refers to such a direction as the Japanese style. Such a project of landscape design sometimes can be compared to scientific work on philosophy. Gardens of stones, the original selection, and arrangement of plants reflect a special human view on nature. Before you offering one or the other option, landscape designers the studio Luxury Antonovich Design communicate with customers to understand what kind of environment they feel most comfortable. In accordance with that, an assortment of plants and small architectural forms selected. So, we specified the style. Next, work on drawings of the contours of both the site itself and all the planned paths and buildings take place. Determining of light direction, carefully planning the drainage system and irrigation system. Landscape design of a private house will be really perfect if at the design stage properly developed an arrangement of plants and decorations. It is important to know. Harmony will be achieved in the case if landscape design project of the site includes three levels of plants, trees, shrubs and flower gardens with lawns. Landscaping in front of the house is always based on the cardinal points. After all, most plants feel good on the southwest side of the building. It is on this side can be planted almost any plant. On the north side or north-east, we propose to use cold-resistant and shade-loving plants. The landscape design of the site will be completed after designing the lighting.

The second stage. Layout.

When the site is located on flat terrain, this stage will be quite simple and shortened in time. However, the ideas of landscape design, which are associated with changing terrain,in this case, planning requires a special approach. A proper project of the drainage system and retaining walls is needed here.

The third stage. Completion of construction and engineering works.

Immediately after the planning stage, work begins on laying irrigation systems, drainage, construction of paths and small architectural forms.

The fourth stage. Planting.

At this stage, landscape design services consist of planting the plants according to the project plan, the layout of the flower beds and all accompanying landscaping work.

Landscape design in Dubai, landscape design in the UAE, which offers design studio Antonovich Design, meets the highest world standards.