Elite Kitchen Design from Luxury Antonovich Design Studio is a harmonious combination of traditions and innovations. And an interior designer can show his true skills by fitting new fashion trends, the latest storage systems, and modern kitchen appliances in a classical style. And this new kitchen interior design demonstrates how harmonious can be the combination of the past and the future.

The main trends in kitchen design today are:

  • Ergonomic and versatile furniture;
  • Use of natural materials;
  • The high-tech kitchen decor.
  • Perfect correspondence to the overall concept.

This kitchen interior in the luxury villa Dubai ideally fits all the above trends. First of all, the interior designers have harmoniously continued the design concept in the classical style. They used materials with special performance properties. In such a way, they managed to create an atmosphere of a palatial luxury. These are the luxurious ceiling design with stucco and crystal chandeliers, the refined windows decor with beautiful curtains made of special fabric. The same fabric you can see in the upholstery. All the furniture is encrusted with carved decoration and gold.

Dubai Interior Designers creating different kitchen design ideas think through every nuance and every detail. In this project, the respectability of the home is emphasized by the family logos in the form of molded and carved decoration in the kitchen interior. The luxury floor is made of carved marble with patterns of different stones, including onyx and malachite.

With all this beauty and elegance, the designers meet all the basic rules of the space organization in the kitchen interior. Everything is perfect here, i.e., the height of work surfaces, the distance between the pieces of furniture and the degree of illumination. In this project, the elegance and respectability intertwined with functionality and comfort. For convenience, the interior designers have provided the island structure with soft chairs in the centre. In a special niche, there is a soft sofa, for wonderful moments of rest.

The luxurious and distinctive image attracts a lot. In this kitchen, each meal will be even more delicious and festive.

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