The purest and unlimited love of parents for their child finds their cozy and luxurious reflection in the interiors of children's rooms from the studio Luxury Antonovich Design. The desire to give your child only the best is expressed in every decision of the designer. The indisputable fact is that the interior design of children's rooms is the most versatile direction in interior design. Age, sex of the child, his hobbies, traits of character. All these moments become the main components of each idea and the basis of an ideal environment for your child.

It is always incredibly interesting to work on the design of a children's room. A special joy comes from communicating with young customers and their happy eyes when they see the finished result. The children's room is a kind of complex object that accommodates several completely diverse zones. This is a play area, a zone for classes and a recreation area.

There are several basic rules and principles that the designers of the Antonovich Design Studio adhere to in their work:


If the child has reached the age when you can communicate with him and learn his dreams, we necessarily include this in the process of creating the project in the very first stages. It is at this point that the main direction of the design concept becomes clear. After all, a child can have a favorite tale, a favorite cartoon, an adored sport or the cherished dream of becoming an astronaut. Believe me, there are infinitely many such motives, dreams, and desires. Therefore, every interior of the children's room is a unique story dedicated to your child.

Principle of functionality

Play zone, sleeping zone and zone for classes we place in accordance with the architectural layout and lighting rules. For example, the learning zone is located near the window to maximize the full benefit of natural daylight.


This point is especially important when designing interiors for the smallest customers. This is to avoid sharp corners. If possible, a soft coating on the floor, special sockets, and switches. Also in the security point is the selection of environmentally friendly materials and lighting design in accordance with the standards of the interiors of children's rooms.


Each child, besides such necessary things as clothes and shoes, always have a lot of toys, sports equipment, souvenirs and handicrafts that he made with his own hands. Therefore, in the interiors of children's rooms, we create the most convenient places to store all these items. Our little customers always take delight in such moments as creating their secret place to store the most valuable in their opinion things.

Decor in the interior of children's room

Wall Design

The basis of the color scheme of the interior is the decor of the walls. And the most versatile option is based on pastel colors. And you can dilute them with bright prints, paintings or art paintings. Psychologists recommend for children to five years, active use of saturated hues of red and blue. This positively affects the emotional state of the child at this age. For teenagers, we recommend, on the contrary, avoid saturated vivid colors.

The most popular material in the decor of the walls in children's room- is wallpaper. This is due to the fact that they are simply can be replaced after a certain time and, thus, almost completely transform the interior. Wallpaper manufacturers offer a great choice for children's rooms. With special joy our little customers perceive fragments of the decor of the walls with wallpaper, on which you can paint or wallpaper in the form of a coloring. This is a wonderful motivator for the creative development of a child.

Flooring decor in children's room

The floorings in children's should be shockproof, warm, antistatic and easily cleanable. This complex set of requirements is perfectly performed by modern parquet, which is complemented by carpeting. The ideal solution is oak parquet, which is distinguished by its excellent durability and at the same time aesthetically beautiful. We recommend avoiding large carpets. It is better to decorate the room with several small rugs that are easy to wash.

Illumination of the interior of children's room

This stage of the interior design of children's room is very important. After all, the proper lighting design will promote healthy eyesight, psychological comfort, normalization of the child's activity and, of course, his safety. In this case, all lighting devices, chandeliers, lamps, lighting fixtures are selected on the basis of strict standards for the illumination degree of the interiors of children's rooms. The level of lighting is measured in the lux and for the children's rooms there are fairly strict norms for each of the zones. In the drawing zone - 500 lx, reading books - 300 lx, board games - 200 lx, selection of books - 150 lx, outdoor games - 100 lx, sports - 75 lx, for orientation at night - 10 lx.

The competent interior design of children's room of Luxury Antonovich Design influences the harmonious and healthy growing of your child.

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